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Looking for organic seeds in Singapore?

I just got back to Singapore from Northern New South Wales, and I've got a small collection of organic, and spray-free seeds if anyone is keen! I don't have large quantities, so let me know what you're after, and I can quote you a price. Here's the list: Japanese Pumpkin (organic) Japanese Cucumber (organic) Rosella (spray-free) Red Okra (spray-free) Malabar Spinach (red stemmed - organic) Chard (organic) Nai Bai/Tat Soi (organic) Jicama (organic) Edible Chrysanthemum/Shungiku (organic) Kale (organic) Heartsease/Viola Tricolor (organic) Coriander (organic) Parsley (organic) Mibuna (organic) Bok Choy (organic) Winged Bean (organic) Cos Lettuce (organic) Zucchini (organic) You can reach me at lambchopra[at] ...

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The best Japanese cafe in Northern NSW


Dan and I love Japanese food, and we look forward to our weekly visits to Federal Doma Cafe when I’m at Moondance. Federal Doma is a small, quaint, Japanese cafe with a laid-back vibe, run by a friendly team of cool Japanese folks in the quiet town of Federal. It’s the closest town to where we live, so it’s very convenient for us.

It’s usually packed by 12.30pm, so we try to get there before noon to make sure we get seats. There’s also a music performance every Sunday.

Aloe Vera assault

I haven't had much luck with growing food this past winter/monsoon season in Singapore. Weather aside, my plants have been on the receiving end of avian assaults, some have been pecked at, some even uprooted. This is the first time it has ever happened in our garden. I was already pretty miffed when I had lost some nasturtium plants, a baby winged bean, rosella fruits and seedlings, and a cos lettuce plant. The initial suspects were the chickens, but the lack of footprints conveyed that we have a light-footed thief on our hands. Recently, I realised that a band of mynahs enjoy loitering in that area, and I would see the odd spotted necked dove, plus there's this solo friendly bird...

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Farm Box review: SuperNature

For my birthday last month, I was pleasantly surprised with a delivery of one of SuperNature's Farm Boxes, kindly sent by Blackberry Singapore. I hear from them time to time, and occasionally they give me phones to test out. While I don't celebrate my birthday anymore, I found this to be so thoughtful. Sometime back, I remarked on this blog that I had not yet tried SuperNature's produce, finally this day has come. Here's what was included in the Farm Box. I think this was the Baby Farm Box. It contained my favourite fruits and vegetables, ones that I grow in Australia or buy regularly, and they all looked very fresh. The first vegetables I tucked into were the leeks, carrots and...

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The charm of Pulau Ubin

A familiar haunt for Singaporeans, Pulau Ubin is a green idyllic space a hop and a skip from the mainland. I was there a few weeks ago with my artist/curator friend, Jacquelyn Soo, to view its vegetable, herb and spice garden and other nature spaces as inspiration for our upcoming joint exhibition project for Sum > Parts: When Artists Meet the Public. There's a carefree vibe on the island, and the sensible pace of life there made time seem slower, giving us time to appreciate each moment we had. There are more bicycles than cars and people, and the dogs here are so friendly and seem so happy, they look like they are smiling. There's greenery everywhere, and even on the roof of...

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