Admire and buy exotic plants in Singapore at this Seletar Farmway Nursery

For those in the know, there is a Seletar Farmway nursery that is popular with those looking for exotic plants. Located within Chwee Nursery at 9 Seletar West Farmway 7, you will find a cluster of plant fanciers who rent plots to house as well as sell their exotic plant collections. These consist of orchids and epiphytic plants, aroids as well as succulents.

Some plots are larger than others, with a fine variety of plants on display. While not everything is for sale, admiring these plant collections make for a wonderful experience in itself. If you wish to pay these plots a visit, it is advisable to check with them in advance before heading down.

1. Wild Botanicals – Their nursery features aroids, ardisia and other foliage plants. Visit their website to purchase their plants, where they also sell plants from neighbouring plots. Contact them at or via Instagram.

2. Reluctant City Dweller – Here you will find exotic foliage plants and succulents. Make an appointment to view Mark’s plants via Instagram or via Carousell, where he also retails his plants.

3. Mashud Forestation – This extra-large plot is lush and beautifully decked out in a wide variety of foliage plants that include aroids, epiphytes. begonias, ferns, and many more. Lalii manages this plot and keeps it open Mondays to Saturdays from 3pm-7pm, while opening hours on Sundays and public holidays are announced beforehand on his Instagram page, where he is easily contactable.

Mashud forestation at Seletar West Farmway 7
Mashud Forestation’s plot

4. The Botanical Assembly – They retail aroids, cacti, succulents, platycerium,  caudiciform and other foliage plants. Shop their collection at their website or to visit their plot, reach them via their website contact form or through Instagram

5. JC Green – Started by two retirees, JC Green’s plot features begonias, aroids and many orchids, among others. Contact them via Carousell, where they retails some of their plants.

6. Roots in Garden – Mainly focused on aroids and begonias, the Roots in Garden plot is tended to by Charles,  a botanical stylist who is also known for his terrariums at Moss in Garden. Check out his chickens while you are there. Alternatively you can shop the collection of foliage plants online at his website.

7. Ricmanlok Plantholic– Run by Ricky, this plot houses aroids, begonias, costus and other foliage plants. Some of his plants are available for purchase his website  or get in touch with him through Instagram.

seletar farmway nursery
Ricmanlok’s plot

8. Amos Learns to Plant – This plant enthusiast grows foliage plants but also edibles like mint and black ginger. Find him on Instagram.

9. Horti Place – This plot specialises in orchids, contact them or shop the collection via Carousell.

10. Orchids Chamber – Aside from orchids, Gabriel’s plot features hoyas and aroids. Get in touch with him through Instagram, or Carousell, where he retails some of his plants.

11. Black Toe Tropicals – Surin’s plot features nepenthes, understory plants, orchids among others, make an appointment with him via Instagram to view his collection

The Botanical Assembly
The Botanical Assembly’s plot

12. Theos Eden – Plants at this plot include hoyas, episcias and foliage plants. Get in touch through Carousell or Instagram.

13. Pancy Plants Corner – This plot specialises in hoya and episcia plants, reach out to them via Instagram or Carousell.

Other plot owners who’s plots feature various aroids include the following. Do message them directly for a private viewing: Planterboys, Blue Door Plant, Plantersaurus, But Mostly Plants, Tropical Quarters, VAVA Tropicals, Plant Addicts, Hashtashtag

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shop exotic plants at seletar farmway nursery
Me looking happy after getting some plants. Remember to bring a bag 🙂
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