Available soon: Beeswax lanterns and travel candles


I love pure beeswax candles with a passion, and I make sure that my home is always stocked with beeswax tea lights at the very least. I also love honey and I can’t imagine a day without tasting it, whether it’s a honey drink or eaten raw on its own. And so I love the light honeyed scent of beeswax candles when I smell it up close, and I burn them on days where I have a strong allergic reaction to dust or pollen, because it is said to clean the air by releasing negative ions, neutralising the positive charge of dust, pollen, and dirt in the air, which are then drawn into the candle or to the ground.

I generally avoid paraffin wax candles because I have read that it is quite toxic, and its chemistry has been likened to exhaust fumes. Also I only buy candles where I’m sure the wick does not contain lead for reasons of health, and I also prefer not to buy tea lights with aluminium casings, which get thrown away and is wasteful.

I have been buying Happy Flame Candles‘ products religiously for the last year and a half at farmers’ markets around the northern rivers region of Australia. There’s nothing quite like it, I’ve tried other brands but I especially love the scent of their beeswax, which they source from several beekeepers in the area. I own two of their lanterns (one in Singapore and one in Australia) and I light them with tea lights just about every day when I’m in Australia. Dan lives in a rainforest, and there are days where there is a lot of pollen in the air, and the house gets dusty quickly, it’s a different kind of dust compared to what is found in cities.

Because I love these lanterns and travel candles so much, I’ll be selling them on this website in less than two weeks’ time. I’ve already placed some tea lights and (a smaller version of the below featured) travel candles at The Naturally Better Company at Millennia Walk. The above and below designs will be available at the Tender Gardener Shop in a couple of weeks in very limited numbers.

The dimensions and prices of the lanterns are as follows:

Byron Bay seashell: 18 cm long x 15 cm wide x 11 cm deep – $89 delivered
Buddha lantern: 13cm tall, 12 cm wide – $75 delivered
Eye of Horus lantern: 13cm tall, 12 cm wide – $75 delivered

The lanterns will also come with a set of tea lights. The travel candles below were a special order that I made with Happy Flame Candles, I only have 5 available, and it will cost $22 before delivery costs are added, a smaller version will soon be available at the Shop, as well as tea lights. Let me know if you would like to place pre-orders at lambchopra[at]gmail [dot]com.

These are such lovely lanterns and candles, more people need to know about them!


Lantern images courtesy of Happy Flame Candles 

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