Beekeeping Once More


Who would have guessed? Asian Honeybees inhabited my old bait hive over the weekend, it had been empty for 2.5 years, except for the time when termites briefly moved in, and we had the box treated to prevent anymore infestations. Knowing that bees are very particular about hygiene, I had given up all hope of it housing a hive. This box was doomed for the rubbish heap but I didn’t throw it out, and instead left it in the same spot beneath a palm tree, and exposed to the elements.

I was quite gutted when my previous batch of bees left almost three months ago, while I was in Australia. Anyway, it’s all good now.


I was interviewed for a morning television programme yesterday, and Xavier of Nutrinest came by to have a look at my hive. He said they seemed healthy, but that my hive was quite dirty inside. He helped me brush off some dust!



(Photo courtesy of Xavier)

I got to experience some hands on action with the hive and gain more confidence handling my bees. Xavier also gave me some tips, and advised that I grow some Honolulu vines for the bees – definitely looking into that!

As of yesterday, it had only been around four days of the bees moving in, so they are still building combs and will fill the cells with bee bread before making honey.

Anyway, I couldn’t be more pleased. Time to grow and buy more bee-friendly plants!

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  • Gin Keat ONG March 17, 2016 at 5:22 pm

    You must be quite beesides yourself to see the ‘rejuvenation’

    • Olivia March 17, 2016 at 11:51 pm

      You’d better beelieve it!

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