Gardener’s Christmas Gift Guide 2021: Best gifts for Gardeners

Looking for the best gifts for gardeners for this year’s Christmas? Here are some of my picks of useful gardening items for plant enthusiasts!

I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post contains affiliate links that come at no additional cost to you, and I may earn a small commission when you make a purchase.

1. Foliage Plant Calendar 2022 – This wall hanging calendar is for the foliage plant lovers out there. Mounted on aged Taiwanese hinoki timber, this calendar features beautifully illustrated plants by Hsueh Yu-hsin. Get yours at $68 at Local Loco here.

2. 1001 Garden Plants in Singapore: A New Compendium – This latest revised edition consists of three books and features more than 2,700 plants found around Singapore.  Available to buy here for $35.51.

3. The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. Singapore Orchid 3-in-1 set – This gift set consists of 3 blends which are accented with orchid petals. Priced at $48, it is available for purchase here.

4. Asano Mokkousho Hori Hori – This versatile tool features a stainless steel blade with two edges to perform double duty. One serrated edge cuts through roots, while the opposite bevelled edge is made to slice through weeds and other herbaceous plant matter. Buy the Hori Hori and other beautiful garden tools from Seedfolks here.

5. Aquis Organic Lactobacillus Solid Fertilizer – Give the gift of soil fertility with this bag of antibiotic-free chicken manure. This is produced by chickens fed with probiotics and has yielded exceptional results among urban farmers, 500g bags are available for $7 or less when you buy more than 1 packet, get it in-store from Woon Leng Nursery or online here.

6. Compost by Soil Social – Made in Singapore, this high quality aerobic compost is loaded with beneficial microbes and will work magic in your garden. This is available in 2.5L and 25L bags, get it here.

7. Urban Composter Kit – This anaerobic composting starter kit includes the 15L Urban Composter Bucket and a bottle of accelerator composting spray. Get it from The Green Collective for $79 here.

8. Dr. Greenthumbs High Tea – This compost extract contains a consortium of microbes that will improve soil health and assist your plants in accessing nutrients, utilising water more efficiently, and suppressing pathogens and viruses that may be present in your media and affecting your plants’ growth. It is called a tea because some brewing is required. Get it for $58 at Local Loco here.

9. Nature’s Defender by Cedar Oil Industries– Give your friend or family member a leg up against plant pests with this natural pesticide, made with cedar oil and ethyl lactate. Effective on spider mites, aphids, mealy bugs, fungus gnats and others, a 300ml bottle of Nature’s Defender is available to purchase online for $9.90 at Little Botany.

10. Agape Nature Love Rescue 001 multipurpose cleaner – This certified organic non-toxic cleaner is safe for use as a fruit and vegetable wash prior to consumption, also you can dilute accordingly to disinfect the household and household items. Use as a handwash, dishwashing detergent, floor cleaner and surface cleaner. Eliminates more than 99.99% germs, bacteria and viruses, available from $8 here. Use the promo code TTG during check out for a 5% discount.

11. Pistachio Playground Fluted Self-watering planter – A modern, aesthetically pleasing self-watering planter that is wonderful as a gift for both new and experienced gardeners. Priced at $12 each, it is available at Potto-Potto.

12. Lucinda Law x Faber-Castell Art Gift Box – This one’s for aspiring botanical artists! This gift box comes with a Lucinda Law A6 Christmas print, 4 botanical colour-in line art, free video access to her new online masterclass in Basic Botanical Watercolour Pencils for one month and Faber Castell stationery, among others. Get it for $98 here.

christmas best gifts for gardeners 2021 SIngapore
Lucinda Law x Faber-Castell Art Gift Box

Do you have recommendations for best gifts for gardeners? Share them in the comments below!

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All images are taken from the above mentioned retailer’s websites.

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