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Our new backyard hens

DSCF7271I recently took into my possession a pair of bantam hens, from Edible Gardens, adding to my flock of four. My brother and I were warned about their voracious appetites, but we were still surprised as we had not seen anything quite like it, they are indeed very industrious when it comes to eating, always finishing whatever is in their food dish.

Although they are larger than the other two hens, they sit at the bottom of the pecking order. The one with the strange hair-do is the “bottom” bird, which you can probably tell. Fortunately, we already have separate housing for them, making it a stress-free situation for the new birds. They sleep with our other rooster, who doesn’t get along with his father. At any one time, one rooster is caged in a 2m x 2m coop, as can be seen in the photo above.

The girls can be a bit naughty, sometimes I find them perching on furniture in the undercover area of our backyard, or digging up a garden bed, but overall they are so lovely and friendly, and a joy to watch in the garden.

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City, Farm Stories

Farm Stories: Derrick Ng of Generation Green and Wang Yuan Fish Soup


Last week, I went with my beloved friend Bhavani Prakash to visit Derrick Ng at his spray-free farm space in Neo Tiew. He’s an inspiring, enterprising young man with a vegetable farming business and a fish soup stall, and has an impressive corridor farm at home. He’s determined to improve Singapore’s food security, and has a strong desire to bring healthier, pesticide-free food to Singaporeans. He is one of a collective group of people who have adopted farm plots on this property.

Derrick explained to us that he uses a closed loop system to ensure no waste is created in the process of growing vegetables and fish. The vegetables that don’t make to it the market or his fish soup stall, Wang Yuan Fish Soup, end up as compost. The fish he farms is for the purpose of making fish emulsion, an effective fertiliser for plants.

After showing us around his three greenhouses, he was kind enough to give us some freshly harvested Purple Chye Sim to take home. I cooked it that evening in a soup, and it was very delicious. During our time with Derrick, he dispensed lots of growing tips related to vegetables and fruit trees. He also shared that he favours permaculture as a farming practice, and he uses resources that are readily available to him, and makes the best of what he has.

I can’t emphasise enough, the importance of knowing your farmer, where possible, because there’s an assurance that the food you’re consuming is safe. Also, it’s been said that eating locally and seasonally is healthier for us because we follow the rhythms of nature.

Here are photos of Derrick’s farming plots, and an interview where he shares details of his journey so far.

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Kyushu Holiday – Part two


This is a long-overdue second instalment of my trip to Japan some months back.

Continuing our Kyushu adventure from Fukuoka, my parents and I arrived by train to Kumamoto, a castle town with elements of old and new, as can be seen here.


We lived within walking distance of the castle, and I greatly enjoyed my visit there. I love its wide open spaces, and even though the city was just behind the trees it didn’t feel that way within the castle compounds. I was happy to be in nature, away from city buildings.

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Awesome green wall


This morning, I made my way to the Singapore Botanic Gardens for brunch and saw this wonderful living wall across from its main entrance.  I had to have a closer look.

It has a lot of vibrant colours and different textures, and spans at least 50m long. Whoever designed this green wall did a brilliant job. It also attracts bees and other insects. Here are some of the flowers I had photographed.

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