christmas gifts for gardeners 2017

Christmas Gift Guide for Gardeners 2017

Tis the season to be picking out meaningful gifts for those we care about! Are you wondering what to gift a gardener friend, family member or spouse this Christmas? Or maybe something for yourself? Here a quick guide to great Christmas gifts for gardeners in 2017!

1.Botanical Watercolour Workshop Voucher – Know someone who loves art and plants? The highly talented Lucinda Law of Within hosts botanical watercolour workshops at her studio. Get your Single Visit Workshop Voucher here for $138 or email to purchase one or more vouchers.

2. DIY Beeswax Wrap Kit – A natural, reusable alternative to aluminium foil and cling wrap, beeswax wraps are breathable and can last up to a year. This is perfect for growers who love to cook, DIY and opt for a zero waste lifestyle. Get the kit for $49, complete with all the ingredients you need to make 6 beeswax wraps here!

3. Pots – Tumbleweed stocks some pretty attractive pots. This marble pot is great for indoor plant lovers who like design that is simple yet sleek. lt’s yours for $60 from the Tumbleweed shop.

4. Plant stands – Add a bit of style to the indoors with these plant stands, great as a standalone statement piece or one in a cluster of plants. Available from $100 at Tumbleweed and Noah Garden Centre.

5. Seeds – The Seeds Master have a large collection of vegetable and flower seeds, and in particular carries a wide selection of tomato varieties. Visit their store here.

6. Soil and Vermicast – Green Spade has prepared a lovely Christmas bundle comprising of 5L potting soil and 5L vermicast for $16.80. This is something all gardeners can never have enough of! Buy it here!

7. Soil Amendment – Humisoil is a soil amendment which contains soil microbes, promotes beneficial fungi, and  supports humus development in soil it is added to. A 5L bag of Humisoil is available at O’GreenLiving for $12.80.

8. Self Watering Pot –  Great for edible plants and microgreens, this Indoor Microgreen Self Watering Kit is a wonderful gift for someone new to gardening, or travels, or those who prefer to take the guesswork out of watering plants. Get it from Nong!

9. Pruning tools – Made in Japan, Silky offers quality tools for professionals such as arborists and landscapers, as well hobby gardeners. The Pocketboy is a foldable, lightweight saw for those who have prune trees on occasion, and useful for those who hike also. See the range of Silkie pruning saws here, available for purchase at World Farm, Amos Automation Pte Ltd / Jeve Trading, and Double Joy, POA. 

10. Compost Bin – Finally, a simple compost bin that every homeowner could use. This Baba compost bin is suitable for gardeners who travel often and are unable to take care of a worm bin, or zero wasters who don’t fancy worms or black soldier fly larvae. Available in two sizes – 15L at $48, and 30L at $59. Get yours at World Farm!

11. Secateurs – Known for its high quality pruning tools, Swiss company Felco is preferred by professionals and have a range of secateurs that you can carry for life! Through wear and tear, blades and parts can be sharpened and replaced so there’s never any need to buy a new pair. Check out the range here, and enquire which ones can be easily disassembled and reassembled when parts need replacement.

I hope you find something ideal from this list of Christmas gifts for gardeners! Happy holidays everyone! Wishing you an incredible 2018!

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