Garden Visitations with Mr Tang

You might recognise Mr Tang (pictured above) from a previous post. I had been wondering what he’s been up to, and interested to catch up after his two month stay in Taiwan. I found out that he had been working on different gardens, and he invited Chun Yeow and I to check out his garden project in the west of Singapore.

It’s a rather spacious plot of land, and the owners already have established trees of durian, rambutan, pomelo, mulberry, banana and I thought I saw a couple of loquat trees. Great bones to create a food forest! Mr Tang has planted chilli, okra, eggplants, pigeon pea, ginger, among others. He shared that wild chickens have been digging up his seedlings and snails have been a problem too, but he’s certainly enjoying himself.

Here’s one of their durian trees, with fruit so highly coveted that the fence needs to be mended every year after thieves get away with their thorny heist. Fruit theft is not uncommon in Singapore, and it happens to my household too when rambutan season is in full swing. Heck, there’s even a jogger who pilfers clippings of my golden cypress tree to make hair tonic, and has never apologised nor thanked me, but I’ll talk about that another time.

Here’s a durian tree with sweet potato leaves growing underneath, it makes a wonderful ground cover. See if you can spot the mini durian.

Mmmm… pomelo.

In a bid to protect his seedlings from chickens and snails, Mr Tang has used netting while his plants are in the early growing stages. Seen here are a couple of moringa trees. I learnt that it makes a delicious tea, just dry the leaves and then boil with water.

Mr Tang has a blog – Everyday Nature, where he shares his thoughts on farming. Be sure to check it out!

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