Gardener’s Day Out at Hort Park


Two weekends ago, I attended the quarterly Gardeners’ Day Out organised by NParks, and because I’d missed the last one, I made it a point to wake up very early to make it to Hort Park for this session. I generally like my sleep ins, especially on weekends. Well, it certainly did not disappoint! I did wish I had bought more plants though!

In general, I found that plants, soil, manure and some products to be rather affordable. Gardening can become an expensive hobby once you add growing systems, composting system, seeds, pots, seaweed extract and/or fish emulsion to the equation. Heirloom and organic seeds are always more pricey. The Seeds Master had a really lovely display, and each packet of seeds was going for $6, or 5 packs for $25. I ended up buying three different packs of flower seeds, I’m obsessed with flowers at the moment. There was a bit of a lucky dip for customers, and I picked a pack of Dwarf French Bean seeds.


There was a good range of plants on sale – succulents, including cacti, orchids, pitcher plants, air plants, florals, herbs and even eggplants and mulberry. Young seedlings were also available.  There were also interesting talks and workshops, but I didn’t attend any.


On top of the seeds, I ended up buying a small irrigation system for $10, bone meal, pearlite. and a few plants. How Does Your Garden Grow had a nice range of plants, but I only picked up a pot of aromatic rosemary. I would like to get a mulberry plant from her at some point. NParks also has good healthy plant stock, and I picked up a pot of Butter Daisies and Bolo Bolo. I should have picked up Bleeding Hearts also, it’s a small regret of mine.


Here are some of my purchases from that day…

P1230060 P1230148 P1230066

Overall, I really enjoyed the event, and it was certainly well-received by the public, I’m already looking forward to the next one! I hope that some day soon, this event can happen monthly.

If you’d like to attend the next one, make sure to follow NParks on Facebook to receive their updates.

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