Music of the Plants!

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So much evidence around us show that plants are sentient beings with an awareness of its surroundings, and this is further proof that this is so. Crystal Castle has brought in technology from Damanhur, an eco and spiritual community in northern Italy, able to convert plant vibrations to music, and today it was demonstrated during a sharing session how different plants can make different beautiful sounds and interact with its surroundings.

It was a very popular talk, and lots of children came along for the experience.

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The synthesizer above, is rigged to plants, and as the speaker shared, plants hear themselves for the first time and are surprised at their own “voice”. During the session, she also mentioned research that suggests plants react to birds chirping in the morning, rather than the sunshine, which I thought was quite interesting.

In addition, she recommended literature for those keen to find out more, these are available at their bookshop.


For this weekend, there are talks at 11.30am and 2.15pm, then daily sessions at 2.15pm. If you’d like to find out more, click here.

This device is now available at Crystal Castle for A$1,250, it is pretty incredible, have a listen below.

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This is the video that got me excited about attending Music of the Plants, a must-watch in my opinion.

If you’re in the northern rivers region, do pop by Crystal Castle at 81 Monet Drive, Mullumbimby, NSW. It’s one of my favourite places to visit when I need to recharge and reset. They have a beautiful collection of gardens and a thriving vegetable plot, which I’ll write about soon.


In the meantime, remember to be kind to your plants!

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