Workshops in December

I have a couple of workshops scheduled for December – a beeswax wrap workshop with Agy Textile Artist, and a Kokedama and plant stand workshop with XPC. December is all about making stuff!

Make Your Own Beeswax Wraps

Looking for a safe, natural and reusable alternative to plastic wrap and aluminium foil? In this fun, hands on workshop, learn how to make your own zero-waste beeswax food storage wraps for use at home! These perfect for encasing freshly cut fruit and vegetables, and sealing a variety of cooked food, and sauces in containers.

We are pleased to collaborate with The Green Collective for this session. During this 2-hour session, textile artist, Agatha “Agy” Lee, and self sufficiency advocate, Olivia Choong, will guide you step by step in preparing a delicately scented beeswax mixture for application on any natural fabric, and evenly setting the mixture to create a beautiful beeswax wrap, ready for you to take home for immediate use!

Once you learn how simple it is to make your own beeswax wraps, you will no longer wish to buy (and throw) plastic wrap and aluminium foil.

Each ticket is priced at $85 per participant, and includes all materials. Limited seats available, so book your spot today!

Skills you will learn:
Adequate preparation of beeswax mixture
Even application on cloth
Uniformly setting the mixture on cloth
How to choose and prepare cloth for beeswax application

All materials provided!

Date & Time: 8 December, 11am – 1pm
Venue of Workshop:
 The Green Collective, Kinex, 11 Tanjong Katong Road
Price: $85
RSVP: Reserve your seat here!

Kokedama & Plant Stand Workshop

The Kokedama, where Koke means Moss, and dama means ball, is a mini spherical bonsai sculpture which uses moss to retain moisture instead of a pots. In this workshop, you will be able to craft your very own ornamental plant from our selection of plants. So build and assemble a wooden Pine frame to showcase your creation and this will make a wonderful personal gift or a great conversation piece for your home!

Date & Time: 16 December, 10am – 1pm or 30 December, 2pm – 5pm
Venue of Workshop:
 Makerspace @ XPC, 19 Tai Seng Avenue 534054 #05-01
Price: $130
RSVP: Reserve your seat here!

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Vegepod Singapore

Introducing my Vegepod!

I recently got my hands on this medium sized Vegepod and I’m a massive fan! I’ve had it for 4 months (18 weeks) and in this time I have enjoyed lots of leafy greens and the pleasure of sitting and tending to my plants in a raised planter, something I have not been able to do before, because as most of you can relate, I am usually squatting or kneeling when fussing about my plants. 

I had been thinking of establishing a garden bed to grow green leafy vegetables and herbs at home, and as with all gardening decisions, I have to consider my curious chickens who are useful at turning over a spent vegetable bed but they also enjoy digging in the ones they are not supposed to! Also, the occasional mynah comes around and uproots my seedlings, which is pretty annoying. For many of my planters, I use cloches – which I make using chicken wire, and I also use plastic mesh to protect my plants.

Fortunately, the Vegepod comes with a netted hood, which help to keep these predators and many other pests out. It is optional for you to use, but aside from the protection, I appreciate the shade it offers – in this case 17%, which helps when I am growing plants that may not be acclimatised to our steamy tropical climate yet. 

What exotic plants am I growing? Nothing exceptionally unique, but the seeds are mainly from overseas – curly and Tuscan kale, cherry tomatoes, sweet basil, dill, Italian parsley, nasturtium, white borage, red spinach and a purple carrot. One of the curly kale plants look really small, that is because I had just transplanted it not long ago.

I have placed my Vegepod in a spot which gets morning and mid day sun till around 2pm, depending on the time of the year. Previously I had grown lettuce and I could tell that the amount of sun was adequate because it did not taste bitter. The two kinds of kale also taste good, with no bitter taste, so this is definitely a good place for them to grow. The red spinach is definitely crying for more sun and the tomato plant seems to want more sun too, but are otherwise doing well.

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urban beekeeping workshop singapore

Learn About Urban Beekeeping in Singapore at Citizen Farm!

Want to learn about urban beekeeping in Singapore?

Edible Garden City and Melbourne City Rooftop Honey are proud to present their first ever urban beekeeping workshop. I will also be doing a sharing on my experience as a hobbyist managing our local Asian honeybee, Apis Cerana.

Spend an afternoon with us to learn all about these gentle, hardworking insects that help pollinate our fruit trees (you can say their efforts literally bear fruit for us) and tirelessly collect nectar to make delicious, nutritious honey that’s as good as gold.

This beekeeping workshop covers the following: 
– The plight of honey bees around the world
– Why and how bees make honey
– The benefits of honey and how to use it
– Why urban beekeeping? Urban vs. Rural
– Beekeeping insights for Singapore
– What we can do to make our cities more bee friendly
– The art of tasting honey, with accompanying fine-dining canapes from Cordon Bleu-trained Chef Isaac Henry

Workshop Details: 
Date: 1st September 2018, Saturday
Time: 3pm to 5pm
Venue: Citizen Farm, 60 Jalan Penjara
Price: $60 including materials ($55: Early bird promo ends on Friday, 24th August)
RSVP: Register here! There are limited seats so book your spot without delay!

See you there!

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25 August: Urban Farm & Feast Market

This Saturday, The Hive Lavender is hosting the Urban Farm & Feast Market – a local farmer’s market at their lovely co-working space. There will be a marketplace, where you can watch demos, purchase food, produce, plants, and garden products, and also on offer are health, gardening and urban farming workshops! I will be teaching an Intro to Soil Class for absolute beginners, and also have a booth selling seedlings, seeds and pre-loved gardening books, so pop by and visit!

Urban Farm & Feast Market Details:
Date: 25 August, Saturday
Time: 12nn – 5pm
Venue: The Hive Lavender, Level 6, Vanguard Building, 1 Kallang Junction
Admission: Free
RSVP: Book your ticket here!

Vendors and workshop providers you can expect to see include:
The Sustainability Project
Healing Food = Food that heals
The Tender Gardener
Yumicorn Singapore
The Green Co.
Farmily 家和农
Foreword Coffee
Well Dressed Salad Bar & Cafe
Quan Fa Organic Farm
Simplified Technology Pte Ltd and others.

To view the entire list of workshops on the day, visit the Urban Farm & Feast Market event page! Know someone who could benefit from learning about choosing the right soil for growing plants? Book my class here!

I hope to see you there!

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