cherry blossoms gardens by the bay

Sakura Matsuri 2020 at Gardens by the Bay

From now till 29 March, you can view cherry blossoms in Singapore at Gardens by the Bay. The Sakura Matsuri is back with 500 stunning cherry and peach blossom trees in over 20 varieties. Here is a video postcard from me, which gives you a taste of what you can expect.

This year I had planned to visit Japan to experience my first autumn and cherry blossom festival, but with the pandemic, this will have to wait. The next best thing is to see the plants at the Sakura Matsuri.

I love these miniature Gassho-style farmhouses with the thatched roofs. These traditional roofs are a more sustainable option and offer good insulation against heat and cold.

Gassho farmhouse sakura Gardens by the Bay
Cherry blossoms Singapore Gardens by the Bay

Get up close with the cherry and peach blossoms. To tell cherry and peach blossoms apart, observe the petals. The cherry blossom petals have a cleft at the petal’s tip, while the peach blossom has a tear drop shape.

Sakura Matsuri | Cherry blossoms at Gardens by the Bay

Before you head down to the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay, check their Facebook page for updates, there can be delays due to social distancing measures. The best days to visit for now are weekdays.

Cherry blossoms sakura matsuri 2020 Gardens by the bay

Entry to the Flower Dome is usually $12 for Singapore residents but there is now a 50% promotion on all ticket prices, which goes till 29 March. If you go, don’t forget to check out the gift shop near the drop off point, it has lots of lovely things.

Gardens by the Bay gift shop

If you have already visited, comment below to let me know if you enjoyed the floral displays 🙂

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