Singapore Gardening Society’s annual fundraiser at Malini Lee’s home


Each year, Malini Lee generously opens her gardens to Singapore Gardening Society members to sell plants, proceeds of which go to the society. I’ve been wanting to go for a year now, last year I didn’t put in my membership form in time and had missed the opportunity to visit. I was pretty excited to be able to make it down this year, with my mother in tow, she’s a lifetime member.

Malini lives at Namly Crescent and has utilised the space in her garden well. She has a lovely collection of succulents, flowers, edibles and ornamentals, and it was a real treat for us to see and experience.

All plants were priced affordably, and we bought plants for no more than $5 a piece. There were easily hundreds of plants on sale, of many colours and kinds. We took home 10 plants for just $40.

P1230216 P1230217

As you can tell, there were lots of plants on sale. She has really great taste in plants, which were laid out nicely around the property.

P1230219 P1230220 P1230221 P1230223 P1230227 P1230230 P1230231 P1230240Malini’s family also prepared some food, dessert and fruit for visitors, and were very hospitable. There was laksa, kuehs, pumpkin custard, and even sticky rice with durian custard.

Here are more pics of the plants on her property. I enjoyed hanging around her mammoth sunflowers for a bit.

P1230242 P1230244 P1230247 P1230239 P1230234 P1230226 P1230225 P1230224After yesterday’s visit, I felt inspired to do more with my garden. Malini used almost every bit of space in her garden, and yes, she has a big garden!

What a lovely time it was, to be able to gather with other society members, share plants and knowledge and do charity at the same time. In the end, we purchased plants that include: blue pea flower, chili, bay tree, dill, dwarf xue mei, and a mysterious plant which puts out large white flowers.

Singapore Gardening Society has monthly events, and I’d encourage you to join the society if you’d like to meet experienced gardeners who are able to share tips. I hope to see you at one of their events soon!

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