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Space-saving, dwarf vegetables for small garden spaces

If you are facing space constraints in your HDB apartment, condo or garden, why not try growing varieties of compact, dwarf vegetables instead? Here are some vegetables you can try in order to maximise your available space. Also, scroll down for space saving urban farming options in Singapore.

Maiko Lettuce

Quick germinating and fast growing, ‘Maiko’ is a butterhead lettuce with reddish leaves, and can be harvested in 4 – 6 weeks. Seeds are available from The Seedsmaster.

Tiny Tim Tomatoes

Compact and perfect for container gardens, Tiny Tim is an early, heavy cropper and produces bright red cherry tomatoes. These tomato seeds can be purchased online from Horti, and can be found in several NTUC Fairprice outlets.

Oda sweet bell pepper

This dark, almost black-skinned sweet bell pepper variety is a dwarf heirloom and matures in around 10 weeks from planting. Purchase these seeds online from The Seedsmaster.

Dwarf yard long beans

Easy to grow, this is a bush variety of long bean that is expected to mature around 6 weeks from planting. Get these Baba brand seeds from GreenLeif.

Nai Bai / Tatsoi

A popular vegetable, this firm favourite needs no introduction. Available online from Horti, or at several NTUC Fairprice outlets.

Dwarf Pak Choy

Another household name, this is also known as baby bok choy, these Baba brand seeds are available online from GreenLeif. Baba brand seeds are also available at several plant nurseries.

Patio Baby Eggplants

This is a compact plant and matures in 7 weeks from transplanting. This is quite hard to come by in Singapore, and local gardeners usually order this from overseas. Order the seeds from Swallowtail Garden Seeds.

Space saving options for growing vegetables in Singapore

Aside from growing varieties of space saving vegetables, you can consider getting the following:

HDB container gardening singapore
Image from GreenLeif

Respana Trio Pot

Multiply your vertical growing space with this stackable series. This product is also available in white, get it from GreenLeif.

grow varieties of space saving vegetables in Singapore
Image taken from Baba Malaysia

YASA-I Super Vege Tray

Many green leafy vegetables have shallow roots, so why waste soil by using conventional planter boxes? YASA-I Super Vege Tray is a great alternative for those looking to grow bio-intensively at home or in the garden. Available from several locations, including World Farm, NTUC online, and GreenLeif.

microgreens kit singapore
Image taken from GreenLeif

Baba Microgreens Box

This soil-less microgreens tray is great for beginners. It is easy to use, grow microgreens with this just like how you grow sprouts. Buy it from NTUC Online and GreenLeif.

Want more space saving options? Check out this post on plant stands and plant racks.

Looking to buy herb and vegetable seeds in Singapore? Here is a list of seed suppliers you should check out!

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Featured photo by Zen Chung from Pexels

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