Summertime at Moondance!

I’ve been quite quiet of late, that’s because I have been busy with work and I had some internet bandwidth restrictions since I arrived in Australia. As we live in a relatively remote area, we use satellite internet and we have a very low peak-hour quota, so I need to blog during off-peak hours, which means after 11pm up to noon the following day. And we usually max out on that quota too.

It’s officially summer in Australia, which means it’s time to sow lots of tomatoes and yummy vegetables, and it also means beach time! There’s lots to do at this time of the year, although it is getting quite hot, and unfortunately it’s been quite dry too, even in the rainforest. The soil is cracking on parts of the property, and the creek is low. We are awaiting the big rains with eager anticipation, our land needs it.

In the two months that I had been away in Singapore, my boyfriend, Dan had been sending me lovely photos of our potato, tomato and zucchini crops. Upon my return, I realised that our other garden beds had become overgrown with weeds, and some of my beloved plants had died – claimed by the elements, he tells me. Hmmm…


The good news is that lots of plants have gone to seed so I could do seed saving for the next crop. Also, since we decided to pull out most of what is in the ground, we are back to a clean slate, pretty much. We prepped the soil and bought some new seedlings and are also growing our own. I’ll include more details on that in my next post.

For the moment, I’d like to share some of the wondrous sights on the property at the moment.

Can you spot the grumpy toad?


A land mullet getting a sun tan. They are very shy creatures and I had to creep about to get this shot. P1200915

It’s also a time for Brazilian cherries, also known as surinam cherries. It is loaded with vitamin C, phosphorous, calcium and other minerals.


A unique-looking ant, with a golden behind.


The frogs love wet weather, and came out to play for a night when it rained  last week. They croak really loudly, but we managed to fall asleep anyway.  P1210013P1210004P1210031

During this time, the gardenias are also in full bloom. The cabin is surrounded by five gardenia plants, so our living room is usually filled with its sweet scent.


More to share in my next post!

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