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Aloe Vera assault


I haven’t had much luck with growing food this past winter/monsoon season in Singapore. Weather aside, my plants have been on the receiving end of avian assaults, some have been pecked at, some even uprooted. This is the first time it has ever happened in our garden.

I was already pretty miffed when I had lost some nasturtium plants, a baby winged bean, rosella fruits and seedlings, and a cos lettuce plant. The initial suspects were the chickens, but the lack of footprints conveyed that we have a light-footed thief on our hands. Recently, I realised that a band of mynahs enjoy loitering in that area, and I would see the odd spotted necked dove, plus there’s this solo friendly bird that was suspiciously hanging around the scene of the crime today. So it could be any or even all of them.

But it was upon seeing all my aloe vera plants in this horrid state that had really peeved me off. I need to really net my plants now. These birds must be really hungry to have considered eating this, and seeing it’s quite bitter at the skin, I’m surprised that the birds enjoy this so much. Or maybe they are thirsty, or maybe they like its jellied texture.  Some research online showed that many birds enjoy eating aloe vera.

As much as I believe in leaving plants in their natural state, I’ll have to keep them all enclosed in netting. It’s either sterile gardening or no gardening, I’m afraid. So I won’t be starting any seedlings till I get some netting. I’m back to Australia next week, so expect Autumn updates soon!


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Building a herbal garden

The plan is to have a garden apothecary and to go outside and get medicated naturally, rather than buying pharmaceutical products in a box. Since medication is mostly derived from plants, we might as well go straight to the source!

When I had first watched an episode of River Cottage where Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall visits a herbalist of sorts, and she draws a bath for him using flowers and herbs from her garden, I was smitten with the idea of one day having a romantic looking garden full of magical plants and know-how. It wasn’t until I’d watched Grow Your Own Drugs by James Wong, that I had grown to realise how within reach that dream was; as long as I did proper research and tried not to be too ambitious immediately, that I would get there. It wasn’t as painful and clinical as I had always thought it to be; it’s kind of like cooking, isn’t it?

But where does one start?

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