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Learn About Urban Beekeeping in Singapore at Citizen Farm!

urban beekeeping workshop singapore

Want to learn about urban beekeeping in Singapore?

Edible Garden City and Melbourne City Rooftop Honey are proud to present their first ever urban beekeeping workshop. I will also be doing a sharing on my experience as a hobbyist managing our local Asian honeybee, Apis Cerana.

Spend an afternoon with us to learn all about these gentle, hardworking insects that help pollinate our fruit trees (you can say their efforts literally bear fruit for us) and tirelessly collect nectar to make delicious, nutritious honey that’s as good as gold.

This beekeeping workshop covers the following: 
– The plight of honey bees around the world
– Why and how bees make honey
– The benefits of honey and how to use it
– Why urban beekeeping? Urban vs. Rural
– Beekeeping insights for Singapore
– What we can do to make our cities more bee friendly
– The art of tasting honey, with accompanying fine-dining canapes from Cordon Bleu-trained Chef Isaac Henry

Workshop Details: 
Date: 1st September 2018, Saturday
Time: 3pm to 5pm
Venue: Citizen Farm, 60 Jalan Penjara
Price: $60 including materials ($55: Early bird promo ends on Friday, 24th August)
RSVP: Register here! There are limited seats so book your spot without delay!

See you there!

Beekeeping Once More


Who would have guessed? Asian Honeybees inhabited my old bait hive over the weekend, it had been empty for 2.5 years, except for the time when termites briefly moved in, and we had the box treated to prevent anymore infestations. Knowing that bees are very particular about hygiene, I had given up all hope of it housing a hive. This box was doomed for the rubbish heap but I didn’t throw it out, and instead left it in the same spot beneath a palm tree, and exposed to the elements.

I was quite gutted when my previous batch of bees left almost three months ago, while I was in Australia. Anyway, it’s all good now.