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Here’s What to Do If Your Chicken Is Attacked by a Cat

If you keep chickens as pets, it’s important to know what to do if your chicken is attacked by a cat. Cats are natural predators of chickens and can kill them very quickly. In this blog post, I will recommend what to do if one of your chickens is attacked by a cat and what to expect in the process of caring for your injured chicken.

Recently, a cat showed up and attacked the weakest of my flock of three bantam chickens. By the time I went outside to check on the commotion, it was too late. The cat was running away with my hen, Nugget, in its mouth. At the time I thought it was probably too late, I lost a young rooster to a feral cat years ago and it was a quick death as it got him by the neck. I gave chase and the cat dropped Nugget in the drain, before escaping. It was trying to get away fast and it wasn’t able to fit her through the hole.

Nugget was in shock and tilted her head up to breathe. I carried her to a quiet spot to catch her breath and saw that she had a couple of wounds on her back. After around 10 minutes, she stood up and wanted to join the rest of the flock but I put her in the coop for observation. I immediately left some food out for her and she still had a good appetite, which was a relief. However, she mainly stood around and was withdrawn, she also looked like she had some difficulty walking. The next day, my brother and I took her to the vet – AAVC in Yishun- (our regular vet, Gloria Lee of Mount Pleasant in Yishun, was on 3 weeks leave) and discovered that it was worse than we thought.

From my experience I recommend the following:

1. Get your chicken to a vet ASAP

chicken has injury from cat attack
Nugget after surgery, photo provided by AAVC

First of all, it’s important to act quickly if your chicken is attacked by a cat. Cats have toxic saliva and bites can result in infections and kill your chicken. A cat attack requires emergency care and will need to see a vet. It is a good idea to inspect your chicken to try to get an accurate assessment of how serious the injury is.

Before you get your chicken to the vet, clean the wounds to reduce any chance of an infection. If you do not have F10 disinfectant (requires dilution) or saline solution on hand, you can try posting an SOS to Facebook or Telegram on channels like Backyard Chickens Singapore (BYCS) or Save the Chickenese Singapore to find out if there is someone in your neighbourhood whom you can get it from immediately.

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Our new backyard hens

DSCF7271I recently took into my possession a pair of bantam hens, from Edible Gardens, adding to my flock of four. My brother and I were warned about their voracious appetites, but we were still surprised as we had not seen anything quite like it, they are indeed very industrious when it comes to eating, always finishing whatever is in their food dish.

Although they are larger than the other two hens, they sit at the bottom of the pecking order. The one with the strange hair-do is the “bottom” bird, which you can probably tell. Fortunately, we already have separate housing for them, making it a stress-free situation for the new birds. They sleep with our other rooster, who doesn’t get along with his father. At any one time, one rooster is caged in a 2m x 2m coop, as can be seen in the photo above.

The girls can be a bit naughty, sometimes I find them perching on furniture in the undercover area of our backyard, or digging up a garden bed, but overall they are so lovely and friendly, and a joy to watch in the garden.

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