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gifts for gardeners 2020

Christmas Gift Guide for Gardeners 2020

It’s that time of the year again, here is the 2020 Christmas Gift Guide for Gardeners! This year saw a spike in the number of gardeners worldwide. Whether it was edible or ornamental, interest in growing plants blossomed and this was extremely evident in the plant community groups based in Singapore. We now have more plant parents and urban farmers who have joined the fray, which is exciting.

Finding it hard to get suitable christmas gifts for gardeners? Here is a list of useful items you can consider.

  1. The Kinfolk Garden showcases gardens, its stewards and communities in captivating visuals. A perfect coffee table book for any avid gardener, available at Basheer Graphic Books for $45. They also have a good collection of edible and ornamental gardening books which is worth a gander. Basheer Graphic Books is located at Bras Basah Complex, 231 Bain St, #04-19.
  2. Seeds of edible plants are always a nice gift for others. For a list of places where you can buy herb and vegetable seeds in Singapore online, see here.
  3. Give the gift of good plant health with these popular fertilisers and soil conditioners. Suitable for both ornamental and edible plants, Plant Buddy, Root Roids and Plantonic have been gaining traction among the houseplant community and edible growers. Plant Buddy and Plantonic are natural fertilisers, while Root Roids is a soil conditioner that contains mycorrhizae and nutrient solubilizing bacteria. To get your hands on Plant Buddy, drop Terrascapes a message on Facebook, Plantonic stockists can be found on their website, and Root Roids can be purchased from Local Loco.
  4. Cleaning ourselves after working with plants is made easy with this Marseilles soap cube. Hypoallergenic and fragrance-free, it is a multipurpose soap made with 72% olive oil that can be used for hands, body, dishes, laundry and other cleaning needs. Prices start at $12 for a 100g bar, and comes in a few different sizes. Get it at Oasis Skin online or visit their beauty kitchen at 114 Lavender St #05-72.
  5. Know someone who loves botanical art? Local watercolour artist Lucinda Law is now selling her art prints and original art work. Prices start at $133 each. See her work here
  6. Why not get in the mood for Christmas with some suitably themed plants? Little Botany stocks variegated foliage plants reminiscent of snow covered leaves. Some of these include Costus arabicus and Asplenium hybrid variegata. Buy it online or visit the nursery from Friday to Sunday at 21a Tebing Lane. To view their opening hours, visit their Instagram page and find the details on their profile write up.
  7. The Sustee water meter comes in handy for those who need a little help when it comes to watering plants. The water meter visibly indicates when it is time to rehydrate your plants, and it is suitable for houseplant beginners. A change of refill is required every 6-9 months. These water meters are priced from $6.90 to $10.30, and refills are available from $10.50 for a set of two from Potta Plantta. Buy it online or at their store at 55 Lor L Telok Kurau, #1-57.
  8. Give the gift of a three-hour workshop with Polkaros. They offer workshop vouchers for making planters and tableware. For the former, participants will learn basic handbuilding techniques, make their planter from scratch and decorate it before firing. Planters will be ready around a month’s time. All materials will be provided. Each workshop is priced at US$108, workshop vouchers are available on their website.
  9. This Music of the Plants portable device is able to pick up the electromagnetic variations from plants and translates them into pleasant music. Get it here, prices start at € 397.
  10. For a one-stop shop for garden tools, Horme Hardware carries an affordable range. From secateurs to pruning saws and bonsai scissors, they have several products to choose from. Buy online or visit their stores.

Got more ideas for Christmas gifts for gardeners? Share it in the comments section!

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christmas gifts for gardeners 2017

Christmas Gift Guide for Gardeners 2017

Tis the season to be picking out meaningful gifts for those we care about! Are you wondering what to gift a gardener friend, family member or spouse this Christmas? Or maybe something for yourself? Here a quick guide to great Christmas gifts for gardeners in 2017!

1.Botanical Watercolour Workshop Voucher – Know someone who loves art and plants? The highly talented Lucinda Law of Within hosts botanical watercolour workshops at her studio. Get your Single Visit Workshop Voucher here for $138 or email to purchase one or more vouchers.

2. DIY Beeswax Wrap Kit – A natural, reusable alternative to aluminium foil and cling wrap, beeswax wraps are breathable and can last up to a year. This is perfect for growers who love to cook, DIY and opt for a zero waste lifestyle. Get the kit for $49, complete with all the ingredients you need to make 6 beeswax wraps here!

3. Pots – Tumbleweed stocks some pretty attractive pots. This marble pot is great for indoor plant lovers who like design that is simple yet sleek. lt’s yours for $60 from the Tumbleweed shop.

4. Plant stands – Add a bit of style to the indoors with these plant stands, great as a standalone statement piece or one in a cluster of plants. Available from $100 at Tumbleweed and Noah Garden Centre.

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Christmas Gift Guide for Gardeners 2016

Hunting for an appropriate gift for a new or experienced gardener? Here is a list that is sure to contain at least one relevant gift for gardeners of varying expertise, for any occasion!

  1. Mosquito repellant plants – Mosquito Plant, Citronella, Marigolds and Lantana are some plants which are said to repel mosquitoes. A thoughtful present for everyone, really. Available at Far East Flora and all good nurseries.
  2. Seeds –  The Seeds Master stocks a huge variety of heirloom, organic, and/or hybrid fruit, flower, and vegetable seeds. They do not sell GMO seeds. Buy individual packs or seed collections, available on their website, from S$5.62 a seed packet.
  3. GIY stick – This is for the travellers, the busy folks, or laid-back gardeners who love the aesthetics and/or benefits of plants but are not to able to dedicate time to watering them. All you need is a reusable bottle and a piece of fabric to use with the GIY stick. Buy it here, at S$10 each.
  4. Headlamp – This one is for the night gardeners, and can be used for any other kind of hands-free activity, or even during black outs. Available for $14.90 at Decathalon.
  5. Haw’s copper indoor watering can – A real showpiece which will last well through the years. Haws are renown for quality watering cans, and its watering rose ensures gentle sprinkling of water on your plants. Buy yours at Super Farmers or Plain Vanilla Home – 315 Outram Road, #08-06 Tan Boon Liat Building.
  6. Dr Bronner’s Castille Soap – This is a great gift that can be used for more than one purpose. This natural, fragrance-free, all-purpose soap comes in concentrated form and needs to be diluted before use – it can be used as a hand soap, or dishwashing liquid, and then used as a pest spray on plants. I don’t recommend just any kind of soap for plants because of its ingredients, including fragrance, but this is one that I consider to be safe. Available at Bud Cosmetics, S$11.90 for 236ml or 944ml for S$30.80.
  7. NaturalGro Organic Kelp Liquid Fertiliser – Seaweed emulsion contains more than 70 trace minerals that are beneficial to plants. Used at a foliar spray or soil conditioner, this is a useful gift for every gardener. Available at The Nature Company and World Farm, 240ml for S$11.50, or 1L for S$35.
  8. 1001 Garden Plants in Singapore (3rd edition) – This is a plant bible of a large variety of  plants available in Singapore, and is a popular read. Contrary to the title, there are more than 1001 plants included in the latest edition. Get your copy today from Singapore Botanic Gardens Shop, Nong, Kinokuniya and Times bookshops, S$27.90.
  9. Botanical watercolour classesWITHIN offers botanical watercolour classes and they have a few different packages for aspiring botanical artists. Vouchers are now available, starting from S$138 for a single class. We recommend at least an introductory class – 4 classes for S$380, materials are provided. More information here.

Something that I wanted to add to this list was knee pads but I wasn’t able to find ones of good quality. Hopefully by next year, I’m getting to that age where I need them and will have to buy mine overseas. I hope to compile a much more comprehensive guide next year. Happy holidays!

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