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7 places to buy floral and plant patterned, reusable face masks

With the uncertainty surrounding the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic within the community, we will all be wearing face masks for some time to come in Singapore. Instead of single use surgical masks, why not get a reusable, cloth version instead? Besides cutting waste, we can save money in the long run, and also proudly wear our love of plants around with us. Here are 7 places you can buy floral and plant patterned reusable face masks. In this list you find a range of masks featuring botanical prints.


buy monstera face mask

Karen produces made-to-order cloth masks in two styles – soft or structured. What’s the difference? If you prefer the mask not to touch your lips, especially when talking, opt for the structured version instead. Karen has lovely plant and nature themed masks, and there is a slot for you to insert a filter. Personally I really like the monstera, and podded pea prints. I bought a few masks after seeing The Farmers wearing it. View the catalog on her Instagram page, her masks come in kid’s and adult sizes, and retail at $12 for the soft version, and $15 for the structured one, and the price includes normal postage. Message her directly to place an order.


buy floral and plant patterned reusable face mask

Based in Ireland, Jane Carkill is an illustrator and artist who has turned her nature drawings into these textile designs for use on cotton protective face masks.There are a total of 7 designs to choose from. They ship from Ireland so it will take some weeks to get here given the current delay of postal services. Order yours at $13.50 each, before shipping fees, on her LambLittleShop on Etsy.

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