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My new garden bed


This garden bed has been empty for a long time, the last (and first) time I grew anything in it was a failure because the drainage was so bad, that all my corn and pumpkin plants died. So we left it until my brother bought a spade and we took turns turning and loosening the soil. I then began planning my garden, and decided that this is what it would look like.

image (1)

Where I’ve put black specks in the illustration, that’s where I’ve planted seeds like cos lettuce, nasturtium, shungiku (edible chrysanthemum) and mammoth sunflower seeds. I didn’t plant them all at the same time, and am still waiting on them to grow.

I’ve planned the bed using principles of companion planting, so that they will all support and protect each other from pests, and hopefully enhance its neighbouring plant’s flavour.

The beans – Lazy Housewife and Soy – are doing really well, as are the Zucchini and Cucumber plants. I grew all these plants from seed, except for the basil, pandan and ? plant. The Hawaiian Currant plant is an heirloom tomato variety, and I transplanted that, along with an okra plant in the bed.

Here are the photos! Most of the plants are around a week old, give or take a few days.

P1210781P1210785P1210782 P1210783 P1210784  P1210786 P1210787  P1210789

I planted a few beneficial plants, like Nasturtium, Calendula and Borage, which produce edible flowers and also have medicinal properties. I am also planning to plant some Viola Tricolour/Heartsease seeds, which are also edible and have medicinal properties.

I hope I’ll have exciting updates to share in weeks to come!


Looking for organic seeds in Singapore?


I just got back to Singapore from Northern New South Wales, and I’ve got a small collection of organic, and spray-free seeds if anyone is keen! I don’t have large quantities, so let me know what you’re after, and I can quote you a price.

Here’s the list:

  • Japanese Pumpkin (organic)
  • Japanese Cucumber (organic)
  • Rosella (spray-free)
  • Red Okra (spray-free)
  • Malabar Spinach (red stemmed – organic)
  • Chard (organic)
  • Nai Bai/Tat Soi (organic)
  • Jicama (organic)
  • Edible Chrysanthemum/Shungiku (organic)
  • Kale (organic)
  • Heartsease/Viola Tricolor (organic)
  • Coriander (organic)
  • Parsley (organic)
  • Mibuna (organic)
  • Bok Choy (organic)
  • Winged Bean (organic)
  • Cos Lettuce (organic)
  • Zucchini (organic)

You can reach me at lambchopra[at]