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Garden Stories: Alexius Yeo of Project 33


It was a real treat to pop by Alexius Yeo’s place. The permaculture educator and practitioner turned his backyard into a productive vegetable urban farm and started a tightly knit gardening community called Project 33, named such because of his house number, and also it began as an initiative to give 33% of their produce to foster community spirit.

A while ago, he had a pair of hens but they would dig up his garden and undo the hard work he had accomplished. I took in his hens, but while I loved having them, they didn’t get along with my existing flock, and I had to return them to him after AVA came knocking when a neighbour complained about too much noise in the morning. I learnt later that they had found a veteran chicken enthusiast to care for them.

I met Alexius when he was still working at Edible Garden City, but only got to know him better after he had left his chickens in my care. These days, he teaches nature-based educational programmes to schools. Incidentally, our mothers are good friends and ex-colleagues, and I found out after overhearing my mother’s conversation with his mother about our backyards turning into farms.

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Soil Workshops for Serious Gardeners


Nong (by Edible Garden City) and I are celebrating the International Year of Soils, and we have organised a few workshops in July for those who wish to delve deeper into the world of soil. The three sessions run on separate Sunday mornings for 90 minutes, and each session costs $49. There are discounts if you purchase more than one session – if you decide on all three, the bundle price is $128, and if you go for two, it will cost $88. What’s included in the ticket? Read more below to find out : )

Soil Mixing Workshop – for Serious Gardeners

Wish to learn the basics of soil and learn to make your own seed raising mix and potting mix? There are many recipes available, and it also depends on what you’re growing. Hear about the different variations of soil mixes and participate in this hands-on soil mixing workshop, where you’ll take home a sample pack of the soil mixes we prepare that day.

The cost is $49 per person, and limited spaces available, so booking is necessary. Book your spot at

Soil improvement – for Serious Gardeners

To have healthy plants, we need to ensure there are good microbes in the soil to make fertiliser nutrients available to it. During this session, find out what fertilisers and soil amendments can be used to improve soils. In addition, we will showcase some products that are available in Singapore, as well as some methods used overseas, and participants can take home a sample size portion of a few different kinds of soil amendments.

The cost is $49 per person, and limited spaces available, so booking is necessary. Book your spot at

Soil Blocking Workshop – for Serious Gardeners

Soil blocking is not a new practice, it is common in Europe, and growing in popularity in farms overseas for its many benefits. Instead of growing in conventional seed trays, soil blocks are made with a special hand tool. Some reasons for preferring soil blocks include a lowered risk of transplant shock for plants with delicate roots, promotes healthier root systems, and results a reduction of plastic waste. 

Come and experience for yourself how a proper soil block mix is prepared, and then turned into a soil block, and of course — take some for yourself to test out at home.

The cost is $49 per person, and limited spaces available, so booking is necessary. Book your spot at

I hope you can join us!

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Upcoming workshops for June and July

It’s been a while since I’ve conducted a workshop! I’m back with some new workshops – Grow Your Own Salad Workshop, and The Hanging Gardens Series. I’ve recently partnered with as a venue and knowledge provider, so please come and check out this tranquil green space if you haven’t already.


Learn how to grow your own raw salad ingredients on your sunny balcony or backyard in this two-hour workshop . I will share essential gardening tips and know-how for growing salad greens that are well-suited for our climate. Guests will take home a gardening starter pack which includes seeds, a propagation kit, seed raising mix, fertiliser, pots and plant notes on vegetables and herbs such as kale, purslane, lettuce, beetroot leaves, beans and cucumber, and you will leave with the knowledge you need in order to grow, nurture and harvest your own food

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Wish to introduce greenery to your space, but looking for something space-saving yet stylish? In our Hanging Gardens series, find out how to bring the garden indoors and make them a vertical feature in your home.

Over four sessions in July, you will be taught to construct attractive, swish-looking hanging planters that will thrive in a light filled room. These hanging garden designs include:

– Macrame planters

– Kokedama

– Himmeli geometric planters

– Hanging basket

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