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DIY: How to Make Kokedama

Have you been wondering what a kokedama is and how to make your own kokedama? Kokedama is a type of Japanese bonsai, which literally translates to “moss ball”. It is a plant that is continually growing in popularity due to its unique and minimalist appearance.

Also known as ‘moss ball’ and ‘string garden’, kokedama is a variant of bonsai cultivation, where plant roots are wrapped with soil and moss. It can be suspended using string, or left to sit on a piece of pottery, to be admired.

If you’re interested in making your own kokedama, do read on for easy to understand step-by-step instructions.

kokedama plants
Kokedama made by participants during one of my workshops

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Upcoming workshops for June and July

It’s been a while since I’ve conducted a workshop! I’m back with some new workshops – Grow Your Own Salad Workshop, and The Hanging Gardens Series. I’ve recently partnered with as a venue and knowledge provider, so please come and check out this tranquil green space if you haven’t already.


Learn how to grow your own raw salad ingredients on your sunny balcony or backyard in this two-hour workshop . I will share essential gardening tips and know-how for growing salad greens that are well-suited for our climate. Guests will take home a gardening starter pack which includes seeds, a propagation kit, seed raising mix, fertiliser, pots and plant notes on vegetables and herbs such as kale, purslane, lettuce, beetroot leaves, beans and cucumber, and you will leave with the knowledge you need in order to grow, nurture and harvest your own food

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Wish to introduce greenery to your space, but looking for something space-saving yet stylish? In our Hanging Gardens series, find out how to bring the garden indoors and make them a vertical feature in your home.

Over four sessions in July, you will be taught to construct attractive, swish-looking hanging planters that will thrive in a light filled room. These hanging garden designs include:

– Macrame planters

– Kokedama

– Himmeli geometric planters

– Hanging basket

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