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Can you grow kale in Singapore?

Yes, you certainly can! Here's my Tuscan Kale plant, grown from organic seed around a year ago. I put this under my stone table for partial shade, so it gets some afternoon sun but not too much. It's very healthy, as you can tell, but it would be much bigger if it were planted in the ground. If you're juicing with kale every day, you'll probably need around 3 plants. The leaves grow pretty quick, just make sure that the plant is well watered. And if you're wondering where to get Tuscan Kale seeds, you can buy them through my Carousell page, while The Seeds Master retails Curly Kale seeds. It's not too difficult to grow, so please try your hand at it if you love kale! ...

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Looking for organic seeds in Singapore?

I just got back to Singapore from Northern New South Wales, and I've got a small collection of organic, and spray-free seeds if anyone is keen! I don't have large quantities, so let me know what you're after, and I can quote you a price. Here's the list: Japanese Pumpkin (organic) Japanese Cucumber (organic) Rosella (spray-free) Red Okra (spray-free) Malabar Spinach (red stemmed - organic) Chard (organic) Nai Bai/Tat Soi (organic) Jicama (organic) Edible Chrysanthemum/Shungiku (organic) Kale (organic) Heartsease/Viola Tricolor (organic) Coriander (organic) Parsley (organic) Mibuna (organic) Bok Choy (organic) Winged Bean (organic) Cos Lettuce (organic) Zucchini (organic) You can reach me at lambchopra[at] ...

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