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Lentor Forest


A visit to Lentor Forest


Photo by Leong Kwok Peng (that’s me, furthest from the camera)

Over the weekend, I joined my friend Kwok Peng and a couple others to explore Tagore Forest. This secondary forest is slated for housing development later in the year, but it is a pity to clear it, as it houses two rare freshwater streams, nationally and globally endangered mammals such as the Sunda Pangolin, Banded-Leaf Monkey and Sunda Slow Loris, endangered and vulnerable plants, as well as naturally and globally threatened birds.

I was most keen to view the Elephant Foot’s Fern, considered vulnerable by NParks. I also got to see tree ferns, which I rarely see here. Interestingly, I saw a lot of dumb cane plants – an introduced species, which is invasive and is a bit out of place in our forests, also, there were lots of plants that are commonly displayed as house plants, you will recognise them in the photos below. I hope these photos will interest you in paying the Lentor Forest a visit. Scroll all the way down for instructions on how to get there!


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