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Where to buy plant stands and plant racks in Singapore

As we fill our homes, porches and gardens with plants and find creative ways to squeeze as many of them as possible in every nook and cranny, there is a real need to optimise our vertical space. There are benefits to this. Besides organising our plants, we are adjusting the microclimate and adding visual interest by creating depth. One way we can use space more efficiently is by using plant racks and plant stands. So where can you buy plant stands and plant racks in Singapore?

There are a few materials to choose from, these include rattan, wood, plastic and metal. Wood and rattan give a sense of warmth and visual texture to its surroundings and add a tropical feel to the home. Metal lends a more elegant and sleek feel. Depending on the finish you choose – be it brass, copper, gold, iron, steel or others – these metals have its own aesthetic effect. For example, gold is luxurious, while copper exudes warmth.When elevating plants, you can get creative by using stools, benches, low tables, shelves, shoe racks and even bar carts.  

There are some points of consideration before you decide to go out and get one. This depends on the look you are after, where you are planning to put it and how practical you are. Are you putting it indoors or outdoors? Will your plant pots use saucers? Does your property have termites? Will it be on the grass or on a tiled area? These materials will experience wear and tear differently and it’s important to make decisions you will not regret later.

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