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Soil Mixing Workshop at Hort Park

Old woman hands holding fresh soil. Symbol of spring and ecology concept

This basic soil workshop is back again this Sunday. Come by if you would like to find out how to grow more productive vegetables using organic fertiliser, and learn to make your own soil mix in the process!

Soil Mixing Workshop (by The Tender Gardener and NÓNG by Edible Garden City)

Wish to learn the basics of soil and learn to make your own seed raising mix and potting mix? There are many recipes out there, but it also depends on what you’re growing. Hear about the variations of soil mixes and participate in this hands-on soil mixing workshop.

Date/ Time: 28th August, 10.30am12.30pm
Venue: HortPark, 33 Hyderabad Rd (Off Alexandra Road), #01-01 (Beside the Lawn), Singapore 119578
Cost: $55 per person, with limited spaces available, so booking is essential.
 What you will learn in this session:
– Nutrient requirements of plants
– Physical needs of plants
– Soil amendment basics
– How to grow healthy seedlings
– Dealing with pests
– How to mix your own seed raising mix and potting mix

What you will take home:
– A list of seed raising mix and potting mix recipes
– Seed raising mix sample
– Potting mix sample

Join this session by reserving your seat here!

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Upcoming workshop: Grow Your Own Natural Remedies Workshop


Here’s another workshop that I’m excited to announce. This is a collaboration with my friend Suekay, who runs DIY Culture (among other things) – a DIY supplies store for those who like making their own skincare products, candles, and gifts for others. More details below.

Learn to grow and use herbs and flowers to gently relieve minor skin ailments and body discomfort in this upcoming Grow Your Own Natural Remedies Workshop.

Organised by The Tender Gardener and DIY Culture, this 90-minute workshop includes a presentation on the properties and uses of various herbs and beneficial plants, as well as recipe demonstrations on making natural remedies. On the day, participants get to take home seeds of lemon balm, thyme, calendula, dandelion, and chamomile, a self watering pot, seed raising mix, notes, and even a skin soothing salve prepared during the session itself.

Reservation is required at $89 per person, seats are limited, so book your spot here!

Big thanks to our venue sponsor – Nong by Edible Garden City.

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