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Spring Garden Update in Singapore

DSCF4087I’ve been doing a lot of gardening of late, trying to improve the look and feel of the garden… I feel that it is lacking in the design department and also not as productive as I would like it to be. In recent months, we have at least doubled the number of plants in the space, and I have been looking online for garden inspiration. Still quite far off from how I’d like it to look, but we’ll get there.


Birds have been eating my seedlings and even chomping on aloe vera leaves, so I purchased a heavy duty net during one of my trips to Australia to keep them out. I left one side semi open, as you will see from the pictures below. It allows for better air flow, as it can get pretty hot in there. Occasionally, I find a spotted neck dove in there pulling out seedlings. When there’s a will, there’s a way.

I decided to grow extra plants with the intention of selling them at Gardener’s Day Out, but it looks like I won’t be able to make it to the next two sessions because I am planning to travel during that period of time. At some point, I might have a plant sale at my place.

DSCF4093 DSCF4092

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Feature in Female magazine


Ok I don’t really garden in that outfit 🙂

I’ve been featured in Female magazine’s May issue, alongside two ladies who enjoy growing their own edibles. My garden looks quite barren compared to theirs, admittedly I had little vegetables growing at the time, many were still seedlings and I had been focusing more on flowers. Another reminder to avoid periods of bountiful or barren, and instead plan my garden better so that it’s always a highly productive garden.

Pick up a copy to look at the other gardens featured in the story, they look pretty marvellous!

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Garden Stories: Suekay of Urban Agriculture


I enjoy my catch-ups with Suekay, sometimes I pop by her Bishan residence to talk about collaborations, where the garden offers a wonderful backdrop to our discussions. She lives with her in-laws, who have created a lush, pretty garden with the help of a gardener. It has quite a neat, unified, formal appearance, with mainly ornamental plants. There are plans to introduce edible plants in the near future, which is exciting to hear. As you’ll see, I couldn’t resist getting a little snap happy on the garden… It’s such a beautiful, relaxing space, I feel like I’m visiting a resort each time I go there.

I’ve known Suekay for a while now and I love her warm personality and down-to-earth approach to everything she does. She’s very driven with her online gardening supplies business, Urban Agriculture, which retails a range of gardening products including seeds, microgreen kits, fertiliser and soil enhancements. We have a working arrangement where I list seeds and worm tea on her website. On top of running Urban Agriculture, she looks after NONG (by Edible Garden City)’s retail operations.


She made a transition from the financial sector to go full-time into promoting urban farming, a profession that she finds a lot more joy and meaning in.  Here she shares her motivation on making a career switch, and her journey so far. If you find Suekay familiar, you might have seen her in a previous post on her beekeeper colleague, Thomas Lim.

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Garden Stories: Donald and Rachael Tan


I had the pleasure of visiting Donald and Rachael Tan’s green haven and corridor farm in Punggol recently, and was bowled over by how space-efficient and creatively laid-out it is. Between the couple, Donald maintains the plants, and Rachael harvests produce for the table.

Even though his corridor gets only two hours of sun each day, he has managed to grow a wide variety of plants. Beyond ornamental plants, he grows microgreens, herbs like purple basil, chocolate mint, thyme, dill, pandan, curry, sawtooth coriander etc, he has fruit plants such as gooseberry, grapes, gac fruit, and vegetables like kang kong, amaranth spinach, curly kale. There are so many different plants that I can’t list them all… in fact, I can’t remember them all!

I got to know Donald better when I caught up with the Edible Gardens team one day for a lunch discussion. We bonded over the subject of Daiso and its small but useful gardening section, and how he, as well as my parents enjoy buying supplies from there to supplement our gardening needs. It was after viewing photos of his green corridor from his phone, that I felt like I had to pop by for a look. The plastic baskets sitting on his verandah are all from Daiso, and he has lined them with geotextile, which provides good drainage while keeping all soil in place when watered.

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