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Where to buy garden soil in Singapore?

If you are looking for places where you can buy garden soil in Singapore, the good news is that soil products are readily available islandwide. In this post I will share where you can buy different types of soil for your different gardening needs.

When buying soil, it’s important to know what kind of soil you are looking for in the first place. What plant is it meant for? For ornamental plants, there are potting mixes available for succulents, begonias, and aroids. For herbs and vegetables, you can buy soil for seed raising, green leafy vegetables or a general potting mix. If you are growing trees outdoors, there is garden soil for that purpose. For the more adventurous gardeners, you can mix your own soil too.

To find out where to buy garden soil in Singapore, read on to discover the various brands you can buy online and in-store.

where to buy garden soil in Singapore
Photo by Sasha Kim

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