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This is Moondance!

They call it God’s country out here in the Rainbow Region, and Moondance is the name of the property I go to rest my spirit with my boyfriend when I’m in Australia to visit him.

Spanning six acres, Moondance has plants and fruit trees from South America and Asia, lovingly put in the garden from scratch by its previous owners. Dan and his family have since added to the property by putting in a food garden, and necessary features like a water tank and solar water heating.

It is situated in a rainforest in the hinterland of Byron Bay, and it can quickly get pretty wild and overgrown if not maintained. Dan and I take care of the veggie patch and plant new vegetables and the occasional fruit tree, and Dan’s family friend, Karel helps to keep the premises pristine. Without his help, the rainforest would engulf the property in months.

It is beautiful out here and is a great retreat away from urban pollution and the hustle and bustle of city living. Food is also fresh and without pesticides, and people are very pleasant. It is an extremely conducive place to be a hermit.

Here are some photos of the property, mostly taken around springtime.

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