Upcoming Soil Workshop

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It’s baaaack! I have organised another Soil Mixing Workshop on the morning of 10 October (Saturday), in collaboration with Nong by Edible Garden City. This class is suitable for beginners and those who wish to understand soil.

Soil Mixing Workshop

Wish to learn the basics of soil and learn to make your own seed raising mix and potting mix? There are many recipes out there, but it also depends on what you’re growing.

Hear about the variations of soil mixes and participate in this hands-on soil mixing workshop, where you’ll take home a sample pack of the soil mixes we prepare that day, plus a complimentary sample soil block.

What you will learn in this session:

– Nutrient requirements of plants

– Physical needs of plants

– Fertilising options

– Soil amendment basics

– The link between pests and your plant’s health

– How to grow healthy seedlings

– How to mix your own seed raising mix and potting mix

What you will take home:

– Seed raising and potting mix recipes

– Seed raising mix sample

– Potting mix sample

– Soil block sample

The cost is $49 per person, with limited spaces available, so booking is essential. Take advantage of our early bird special by using the discount code “EARLYB” to reserve your seat by 4 October. Sign up here!

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