Upcycling Dead Vines into a Natural Tray


Lots of people love the Blue Pea flower and grow the plant on their corridors, in community gardens and home gardens. Once the plant dies, its vines are off to the compost heap or trash bin, which is such a waste. It can be turned into a tray, basket, screening, and a barrier for the garden. Grape vines, grasses, fruit tree stems, and banana leaves can also be used.

My Blue Pea plant was lush and grew against my (hideous) chain-linked fence for some months, I was quite sad when it died but I also knew that I could give it a second life as a tray for garden harvests. I was inspired by this video on Gardening Australia. Subsequently, I had a look on YouTube for other basket weaving ideas.


Sometime in February, I attempted to make a tray from the dead vines. I had some difficulty trying to weave them together initially, and would break on me. I think it was because it was too dry and I had to soak it for days to soften them. I left the remaining vines on the fence and after months of procrastinating, decided to take them down last weekend, because it was becoming an eyesore. It’s been raining for days and I guess that helped soften the vines, which were so much more malleable than before.

And this is what I made. This design of tray making is rather forgiving, and it’s difficult to mess it up. It’s all about tucking vines into empty spaces. Try it for yourself!


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  • Kiran May 7, 2015 at 4:21 pm

    Great idea!

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