Where to buy compost in Singapore

Searching for places on where to buy compost in Singapore? Here is a list of places that retail compost as well as vermicompost. Both are beneficial soil amendments that can help improve your plants’ soil condition and they are always good to have at home if you want to put together a soil-less potting mix. Read on to find out more!

Where to buy compost in Singapore

where to buy compost in Singapore
Photo by Alfo Medeiros

1. Greenspade – This is a popular brand of compost and it comes in 5L and 40L bags. Found in most garden nurseries, you can also shop their online store here.

2. Soil Social – This lean start-up creates small batches of aerobically-made compost with beneficial microbes. Available in 2.5L, 5L and 25L bags from their website.  

3. NaturalGRO – Created by The Nature Company, their compost is popular among edible growers. Shop their NaturalGRO compost in 1kg and 5kg bags here, and for 25kg bags here.

4. Welgro – Far East Flora stocks two different sizes of Welgro Bio-organic Compost, get it in 5L or 10L on their online shop here.

5. Ogreenliving – Local brand Ogreenliving offers compost in two sizes — 2.5L and 40L . Get yours here.

6. Pokon – Available from Greenleif, Pokon compost is available in 20L and 40L sizes. To get $10 off your first purchase ($60 minimum spend), claim your voucher by clicking here.

Prefer to make your own compost at home? Here are some systems you can check out. If you wish to instead build an outdoor compost, attend one of Project Black Gold’s free workshops, find out more here.

Where to buy vermicompost

where to buy vermicompost vermicast in Singapore
  1. World Farm – Hua Hng has its own house brand of vermicast in 1kg and 3.5kg bags. Get it here.
  2. Greenspade – They stock vermicast in 2 sizes — 400g and 5L bags. Visit their online store here.
  3. Ogreenliving – This vermicast comes in 2.5L bags, purchase it here.
  4. Starx -Their earthworm castings come in 800g containers and are available at Candy Floriculture, get it online here.
  5. Jenesis Vermicompost – This brand of vermicast is available in 500g or 1kg sizes at Shopee and in many garden nurseries, including World Farm, Ban Nee Chen, Candy Floriculture, Noah Garden Centre.

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Main photo by Greta Hoffman

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