Where to buy mushroom growing kits in Singapore

Cultivating mushrooms via growing kits is an interesting activity that can be done by anyone, regardless of age or experience. If you’re looking for a place to purchase mushroom kits in Singapore, look no further! In this blog post, I will share a list of places where you can buy mushroom growing kits in Singapore.

Mushrooms are a type of fungi that is used in cooking. They can be added to soups, sauces, stir-fries, and more. Not only do they have a unique flavour and texture, but they are also rich in nutrients, including vitamin B and minerals.

Mushroom growing is a great way to learn about nature and the mushroom life cycle. It can also be a fun and rewarding hobby that provides you with fresh, delicious mushrooms to enjoy. This is certainly a fun activity for kids as well. If you’re wondering to buy mushroom growing kits in Singapore, here are my recommendations!

where to buy mushroom growing kits in Singapore
From left to right: Mushroom Lab, Kin Yan and Mushroom Kingdom mushroom growing kits. Images taken from their websites or from their retail channels.
  1. Bewilder – Bewilder is a mycological design studio in Singapore that not only grows edible mushrooms, they also experiment with fungi by making unique products with it. They have the widest variety of mushroom grow kits in Singapore. Here you will find oyster mushrooms, which are the easiest and fastest growing edible mushrooms, but also more exotic varieties such as shiitake, lion’s mane (monkey head mushroom), cordyceps, lingzhi and more. If you are new to growing mushrooms, do enquire what growing conditions are needed when it comes to their more exotic mushrooms, to ensure that you can provide a suitable environment for it to thrive. Prices start at $25 a kit. Check their store occasionally to see what is on offer, shop the selection here.
  2. Kin Yan – Kin Yan is an established mushroom farm in Singapore and its mushrooms are available in supermarkets. There are two mushroom varieties available, they include pink and golden oyster mushrooms. The growing kit comes with a mushroom spawn bag and sprayer. Get it on Lazada for $18 a pack.
  3. Mushroom Kingdom – Mushroom Kingdom is currently on hiatus, but their Mushroom Garden grow kits are still available from StarX’s Lazada store or via Naturlink. Their oyster mushroom grow kit is priced at $19.51-$19.90 a box.
  4. Mushroom Lab – Mushroom Lab offers three kinds of oyster mushrooms, pink, golden and grey. Each kit is priced at $19.90 and is available from Naturlink.
mushroom growing kit Singapore
Mushroom growing kits from Bewilder, images taken from their website.

Locally, these are the places where you can buy mushroom growing kits in Singapore. If you’re serious about growing mushrooms at home, you can even consider taking a course in growing mushrooms. Do you know of other places in Singapore that sell mushroom growing kits? Leave a comment below!

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Main photo by Olga Lioncat

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