Where to buy plant fertiliser in Singapore

If you’re wondering where to buy plant fertiliser for your edible or foliage plants in Singapore, read on for a list of places in-store or online.

Fertilisers provide plants with three main nutrients: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K), and contain secondary nutrients like magnesium (Mg), calcium (Ca) and sulphur (S) as well as micronutrients like zinc (Zn), manganese (Mn) and boron (B).

Fertilisers are essential for plant growth and development. Not only do they provide plants with the essential nutrients they need, they also improve the soil structure, water-holding capacity and aeration. Fertilising your plants is therefore a very important task that you should not fall behind on.

What kind of fertiliser should you buy for your plants?

This depends on what plant you are planning to fertilise, how often you prefer to fertilise, and whether you prefer organic or synthetic fertiliser.

The best fertiliser for your plants depends on what type of plant it is meant for, which is usually indicated on the product label e.g. vegetables, flowers, foliage plants. When buying fertiliser, also look for the NPK values so you will get a better idea of which plants it is more suitable for.

For example, a high nitrogen fertiliser that is suitable for your green leafy vegetables may not be suitable for cacti or fruiting vegetables. If you are growing green leafy vegetables, opt for a fertiliser with high nitrogen, while fruiting vegetables require more phosphorus and potassium to encourage fruiting.

houseplant fertilisers Singapore
Photo by Cottonbro

There are however, all-purpose fertilisers that can be used on a variety of plants, the difference lies in the dosage and frequency of use for each type of plant. However for best results, you may wish to use a fertiliser that is catered towards the intended plant.

Fertilisers come in liquid and dry applications, the latter comes in different forms, including powdered, pelletised or granular. Some of them are water soluble, quick release and can be used as a foliar spray or to be applied on soil. There are also slow and controlled release fertilisers, the former relies on soil microbes for nutrient availability, while the latter releases nutrients in a predictable time period.

There are organic and synthetic fertilisers on the market and you have to decide which you prefer. Organic fertilisers are derived from plant or animal matter while synthetic fertilisers comprise of synthesised chemicals made in a laboratory. The former adds organic matter and improves soil structure while the latter contains higher NPK amounts.

Animal manures are a form of organic fertiliser, and are popular with urban farmers. Locally, sheep, goat, horse, and chicken manure are commonly available at garden nurseries.

Other beneficial products that gardeners buy

Some gardeners also use plant boosters , which are a type of fertiliser that contain a smaller amount of nutrients than regular fertilisers. Plant boosters can be useful for plants that need a little extra help, but they shouldn’t be used in place of fertilisers. Some plant boosters available in Singapore include HB-101 Plant Vitalise, Superplant, and OneV.

Bacteria and mycorrhizal products contain beneficial microbes that help plants improve its ability to absorb nutrients from the soil and develop into stronger plants. They are available as powders, liquids or granules, and can be applied to the soil around plants or mixed into potting mix. Some of the products available in Singapore include Dr Greenthumbs’ Root Roids, Jacko Liquid Gold, Dr Greenthumbs’ High Tea.

Compost and vermicompost are soil conditioners that are beneficial for ornamental and edible plants. Compost is easily available around Singapore, well known brands include Greenspade, ogreenliving, and NaturalGRO. Vermicompost is available from greenspade, ogreenliving, World Farm and other nurseries.

Bone meal is high in phosphorus and contains calcium and a bit of nitrogen. It can be used on foliage, flowering and fruiting plants, and is an invaluable addition to the garden. These products mentioned above can usually be found in the same shops where you can buy plant fertiliser in Singapore.

fertilisers for vegetables Singapore
Justine and Scott’s verge garden in Singapore

Where to Buy Plant Fertiliser in Singapore

There are many places where you can buy fertilisers including gardening stores, hardware stores and online. Here are brands commonly purchased by gardeners and where to buy plant fertiliser in Singapore:

Chicken manure – This is a popular fertiliser used on edible and flowering plants. It is usually available at all garden nurseries in Singapore and can come in loose or pelletised form. Sometimes it comes in a nondescript plastic container with no brand, but the NPK value is usually imprinted on the label. Italpollina has a small range of fertilisers which all contain chicken manure, some have guano. These are available in-store at Far East Flora, or find it on their website here. Do check the NPK value to decide which product is more suitable for your needs. Other brands worth trying include Greenspade and ogreenliving,

Goat manure – Goat manure is a type of cold manure and has lower nutrients than chicken manure, but it is a good soil conditioner. Available in pelletised form, use it on edible plants and flowering plants. ogreenliving retails goat manure at $6.50 for a 1L container, its NPK value is 4:1.5:3.

Sheep manure – Locally, you can find sheep manure in pelletised form. Sheep manure is also a type of cold manure and has lower nutrients compared to chicken manure, which is a hot manure, however it is a good soil conditioner. Garden Galore sheep manure is available in-store at World Farm or on their website, prices start at $13.91 for 4kg. Toh Garden retails NZ Sheep manure at $15.70 for 5L, available in-store or online.

Fish emulsion – Fish emulsion is an excellent fertiliser for herbs and vegetables, and even foliage plants. It does have an odour, so if you are particular about scents, you might find it offensive. The solution to this is to find one which has a lighter scent. Horti’s Fish Emulsion Fertiliser is available online for $5.50 for a 250ml bottle and at several NTUC Fairprice outlets and plant nurseries. STARX Fish Emulsion Fertiliser can be found at World Farm for $39 for a 1L bottle. Both products should be diluted before application.

Seaweed/Kelp fertiliser – Kelp is rich in micronutrients, encourages soil microbial activity and helps with soil building. It can be used on seedlings, and to plants prior to planting to reduce transplant shock. Brands available include NaturalGRO, Horti (also available at NTUC Fairprice), and Seasol.

Plant Buddy – This non-toxic and biodegradable plant fertiliser has a low NPK value of 4-1-1 and can be used on a wide range of plants including begonias, nepenthes, bromeliads, orchids, cacti, succulents, herbs. It also has general insect/pest repellent properties. Available at around $24 from Terrascapes, message them on Instagram or buy it on Shopee.

where to buy plant fertiliser in Singapore
Pelletised chicken manure

Greenspace: Greenspace comes in both solid and liquid form and are encouraged to be used together for best results. The slow release granules contain trace elements and soil microbes and offer an NPK ratio of 12:8:8, while the liquid fertiliser contains seaweed extract, worm castings, compost and plant-based nutrients as well as growth hormones and has an NPK value of 6:1:4. Priced at $18 for slow release granules (300g) and $28 for the liquid version (250ml), purchase it from Local Loco’s website or from Lazada or Shopee.

Arktivate – This is an organic fertiliser that contains beneficial microbes, which help improve the plants’ nutrient uptake and resilience. It can be used on ornamental and edible plants and is available in liquid and solid form. Its NPK value is 3-3-3 and both products can be used together. Personally I have tried both products and experienced good results. Prices start at $22.50, available on their website and at some Ban Nee Chen nurseries.

NPK 8-8-8-10+TE Bio-Plus Organic Fertiliser: As the name suggests, this fertiliser has an NPK ratio of 8:8:8 and is an organic fertiliser. It also contains humates to help condition soil. It is a very popular fertiliser used by urban farmers as it is affordable and effective. Available at $4.28 for 1kg from World Farm in-store, on their website or via Shopee.

Gaviota: Gaviota is a well established brand. Locally, 63 (21-21-21) and 67 (14:27:27) are commonly used by gardeners for orchids and other flowering plants, but it can also be used for other houseplants, vegetables and on the lawn. It is an inorganic, granular fertiliser which dilutes easily in water and can be used as a foliar spray but also on soil. Both are available at Woon Leng for 200g at $8, or for bulk purchase, ANDGRO retails 1kg for $35.

Osmocote: Osmocote’s range includes both liquid and solid fertiliser. Their controlled release all-purpose fertiliser is popular among houseplant owners locally and has been available in some nurseries for some time, but now there is a wider range of fertilisers specific to plants like tomatoes, citrus plants, cacti, roses, azaelias, orchids and even aquatic plants. Shop the affordable range online from Herb Box Singapore’s website or Shopee.

Nutricote: Locally, there are 3 more commonly available Nutricote controlled release fertiliser products available for flowering and foliage plants. The NPK values include 13-11-11, 18-6-8 and 14-13-13. Nutrients are released in 100 or 180 days, as indicated on packaging. Nutricote 13-11-11 prices start from $8 for 200g. Available from plant nurseries such as Candy Floriculture, World Farm, Toh Garden, and Noah Garden Centre.

NaturalGRO – NaturalGRO carries a small range of liquid fertilisers for application on different types of plants. Shop the range here, prices start at $10.70 for a 240ml bottle. Dilute before use.

Powerfeed: Powerfeed by Seasol is a household brand in Australia, where it is manufactured. Locally, It comes in concentrated form, and requires dilution before use. Purchase the full range from Living Water, or select products from The Garden Store and Candy Floriculture.

I only recommend products I would use myself and have used a majority of the brands mentioned above. All opinions expressed here are my own. This post contains affiliate links that come at no additional cost to you, and I may earn a small commission when you make a purchase.

buy plant fertiliser Singapore
Donald and Rachael’s corridor garden in Singapore

I hope this post on where to buy plant fertiliser in Singapore helpful for you. Do you know of other brands of effective plant fertilisers in Singapore? Let me know in the comments below!

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