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Who to call for bee removal services in Singapore

While bees pose a threat to most urban dwellings, and the instinctive response is to call pest control and opt for bee extermination in Singapore, there is a better way. A less messy, non-toxic approach is have bees relocated with the assistance of experienced beekeepers. Humane bee removal in Singapore is possible and affordable.

Does anyone remove bees for free in Singapore?

Whether it is bee extermination or bee relocation, it incurs a fee, so why not opt for a more ethical, chemical-free, and natural approach? Bees play an important role in Singapore’s ecosystem, pollinating flowers of food crops and flowering plants, they just need to be moved to a place that doesn’t threaten humans, or adopted and raised in a bee hive.

How much does beehive removal cost in Singapore?

Expect to pay $150 – $600 depending on which beekeeper you call, and at least $120 for pest control bee removal. It can take hours to remove the beehive, and the price reflects the complexity of the job.

It is important to note that bees do not go around stinging people, unless provoked. This only happens when they feel threatened. Female honey bees in particular die shortly after stinging someone because their stinger is dislodged from their body and they are disembowelled in the process. How to avoid being stung by a bee? A few things that get their attention are hairspray, deodorant and bright clothing. These can cause alarm to bees.

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Who to call to help with bee relocation in Singapore

Here are some beekeepers you can contact when you need to have a beehive relocated:

Xavier Tan of Nutrinest – Xavier has been relocating bees in Singapore for several years now, and is highly experienced when it comes to bee removal. He also runs education programmes at The Ashram in Sembawang to raise awareness on the need to conserve bees. He can be contacted at 91474065.

Clarence Chua of The Sundowner – Clarence rescues bees and rehomes them to The Sundowner, located at Siglap, and organises events for people to experience a bee hive up close and learn more about bees. Whatsapp Clarence at 96177164 to get in touch.

John Chong of Bee Amazed Garden (above photo) – John runs a bee education centre at Singapore University of Social Sciences in Clementi. He runs education workshops and tries to spread the love for bees. Contact him at 96696370.

ORIGIN – A household name when it comes to pest control, ORIGIN lists bee relocation as one of their services, and on their website they state that bees are rehomed to bee farms. **Upon clarification, ORIGIN offers this service alongside bee extermination. They have indicated that they try to relocate the bees but there are circumstances where they consider bee extermination as the most suitable course of action. Considerations cited include public safety, risk of safety of clients and staff, position and accessibility of the swarm/hive, the species of the bees, colony behaviour, and the impact of relocation or extermination on our local ecosystem.

PLEASE NOTE: In the event that you contact ORIGIN and they suggest bee colony extermination, I would suggest that you get a second opinion and check with the other beekeepers because they may be able to rescue the bees.

There was one other pest control company which offers bee removal services but still offer services to kill bees using chemicals so I have not listed it.

Wish to learn about urban beekeeping in Singapore?

For a list of people you can learn beekeeping from in Singapore, read this post.

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