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Can you grow kale in Singapore?

Yes, you certainly can! Here's my Tuscan Kale plant, grown from organic seed around a year ago. I put this under my stone table for partial shade, so it gets some afternoon sun but not too much. It's very healthy, as you can tell, but it would be much bigger if it were planted in the ground. If you're juicing with kale every day, you'll probably need around 3 plants. The leaves grow pretty quick, just make sure that the plant is well watered. And if you're wondering where to get Tuscan Kale seeds, you can buy them through my Carousell page, while The Seeds Master retails Curly Kale seeds. It's not too difficult to grow, so please try your hand at it if you love kale! ...

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A very green Brunei

I was recently in Brunei to give a talk on ways we can move beyond recycling, and with the remaining time, I was given a tour around the country by a lovely young lady, Nazurah, a volunteer with non-profit environmental NGO, Green Brunei. Places I visited included two mosques, a mangrove, and a park with a waterfall. Brunei has so much greenery, and they intend to keep it that way. Pictured above and below are the grounds of Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque, it's very beautiful inside and out, and the property has a well kept garden. There's also an incredible boat located beside the mosque. Another mosque I visited which also has a well-manicured garden is the Jame Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque. Like the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque,...

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Growing oyster mushrooms in Singapore

Around a week ago, I caught up with Balan, a keen gardener and one who hates seeing things go to waste. He handed me some oyster mushroom kits to try, plus extra to share with friends,  and also gave me a Cuban Oregano seedling. I was so excited, I’ve always wanted to grow mushrooms, but it all seemed a bit complicated.

Grown on a substrate of spent coffee grounds, the mushroom spawn come prepared in paper cups, and all you’ll need to do is add water. It’s all grown naturally, so it’s safe for consumption. When it is launched in the near future, the kits will come in reused paper cups, and he hopes to make it as eco as possible. I’ll announce that when it happens, because I think many people will be keen to try it out! This is what it looks like when I received them.

After 2 days or so…


My new garden bed

This garden bed has been empty for a long time, the last (and first) time I grew anything in it was a failure because the drainage was so bad, that all my corn and pumpkin plants died. So we left it until my brother bought a spade and we took turns turning and loosening the soil. I then began planning my garden, and decided that this is what it would look like. Where I've put black specks in the illustration, that's where I've planted seeds like cos lettuce, nasturtium, shungiku (edible chrysanthemum) and mammoth sunflower seeds. I didn't plant them all at the same time, and am still waiting on them to grow. I've planned the bed using principles of companion planting,...

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Getting to know Singapore’s farmers

Singapore has a wonderful countryside and huge potential in scaling up its vegetable production in the city state. Here are some videos featuring farmers from different industries, including new generation farmers and urban farmers, and these clips provide a quick snapshot of Singapore's agricultural landscape. Video: Episode 69 In a month's time, the Kranji Countryside Association will hold Singapore's first farmers' market featuring locally grown and made products. I'll be there, and I hope you'll join me too! More details will be posted on the Kranji Countryside Farmers' Market Facebook page as the dates draw near. Please 'like' the page and support local produce! And remember to bring your own bags! See you there! ...

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