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Running of the bees


While I was away in Australia for my usual year end escape, my adoptive bees left their hive for good. I’m not really sure what had happened, but there was a mass exodus following a few¬†incidents of hearing loud sounds from the hive. The day I returned, I opened the cardboard box to get a glimpse of 7 months of hive building.

Along with some magnificent combs,¬†was a small amount of honey left, so I saved what I could into three jars – one for Thomas Lim of Edible Garden City/Plan Bee, who loaned me the hive, one for my family, and a spare one, which my brother took. Harvesting the honey was such a messy affair, it dripped everywhere, and my chickens enjoyed a taste too. It even attracted a passing bee. I couldn’t help wondering if it was from the same hive.