Learning to Build a Natural Home


While it’s a hot summer in Singapore, I’m experiencing a cool winter in Byron Bay, which I’m visiting for a few days to learn about building natural homes. I normally live 45 minutes inland from Byron Bay whenever I visit my boyfriend in northern New South Wales, and we decided it was best to live in Byron Bay itself at an Airbnb abode.

For a long time now, I’ve been wanting to live a self sufficient existence and have building knowledge, including carpentry, and in recent months, I’ve been obsessing over earth homes and homesteading skills. This is the year I’m immersing myself in workshops of various kinds, and delving into small DIY projects.


It’s day 3 so far and I’m enjoying the class although admittedly, I’m quite overloaded with information and builder’s terminology, and trying to catch up. It’s exciting and a lot of fun though!

So far, we’ve learned about and had hands on experience with rammed earth, light straw, strawbale house building, and even put up the frame of what could be a yurt. Tomorrow we get to learn more about earth floors, which I’m looking forward to.

This is a great workshop organised by Milkwood, and led by highly experienced builder Sam Vivers of Viva Homes. I’d highly recommend it if you’re shopping around for a class.  Also, The Farm at Byron Bay is a wonderful venue, with tasty food – an added reason to do the class here. More pics on my Facebook page soon!


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