Plant Nursery Tour: Little Botany in Punggol

For plant hobbyists, Little Botany needs no introduction. Many plant enthusiasts started their journey at their cosy Punggol plant nursery in Singapore, which had everything a new plant lover needs, coupled with friendly and helpful advice.

Little Botany recently moved their plant nursery to 90 Jalan Lekar, but this is where it all began. Here, Fendi Sani showcased a wonderful collection of aroids, snake plants and many must-have foliage plants and presented them beautifully. He is known to promote the work of local ceramicists and is caring and values inclusivity, supporting persons with disabilities, as well as animal welfare organisations. But most of all, he is known to be a nice guy.

little botany punggol

A lot of blood, sweat and tears were required to put together the Punggol nursery but unfortunately they were not able to extend their lease at this space. They have however, put together a new and wonderful nursery at Jalan Lekar. Fendi has an incredible eye and has done an amazing job of it, as always.

To see what Little Botany at Punggol looked like in 2021, watch this interview and plant nursery tour!

If you’d like to check out Little Botany’s new nursery, visit them at 90 Jalan Lekar. They also have a centrally located store which they share with Friday’s Garden, located next to the lobby of 195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace, or you can shop their collection online here. Nothing quite beats visiting in person, although their online store stocks a lovely selection of plants.

For opening times and updates, do follow Little Botany on Instagram.

Have you already visited the new Little Botany plant nursery? What do you think about it? Let me know in the comments section below!

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