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Crystal Castle


Crystal Castle’s organic food gardens


Crystal Castle has an incredible cluster of gardens which Dan and I love to visit, and recently they began growing their own organic produce, and created the Shambhala Organic Food Gardens. In the above photo, part of the food gardens can be seen on the left, and towards the middle of the photo is their banana plantation. Yes, that’s Dan admiring the colossal clear quartz crystal.


These inspiring food gardens have plants which include herbs, vegetables, fruits and beneficial flowers. The gardens are attractive and well designed, and inspired me to put more effort into Dan’s edible garden. Some vegetables that I’d spotted here include potatoes, tomatoes, kale, lettuce, collard greens, zucchini.

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Music of the Plants!

DSCF7731a copy

So much evidence around us show that plants are sentient beings with an awareness of its surroundings, and this is further proof that this is so. Crystal Castle has brought in technology from Damanhur, an eco and spiritual community in northern Italy, able to convert plant vibrations to music, and today it was demonstrated during a sharing session how different plants can make different beautiful sounds and interact with its surroundings.

It was a very popular talk, and lots of children came along for the experience.

DSCF7727a DSCF7736a

The synthesizer above, is rigged to plants, and as the speaker shared, plants hear themselves for the first time and are surprised at their own “voice”. During the session, she also mentioned research that suggests plants react to birds chirping in the morning, rather than the sunshine, which I thought was quite interesting.

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A zen nook


This is a must-visit each time I head back to northern NSW. Crystal Castle is a peaceful nook where one can recharge in nature, in the presence of large crystals. Like many places in the Byron shire, Crystal Castle is very conscious about their environmental footprint, where profits of the cafe are invested in sustainable projects.

Dan and I love walking in their gardens, sitting on their lawn – either beside their enormous statue of Buddha or the world peace stupa (turning the prayer wheels is a must!), and dining at their cafe, which has yummy gluten-free sweet treats. I especially love walking through their bamboo grove.


The world peace stupa was completed by the Gyuto monks in October 2012, and we were present at its opening ceremony, along with many others.


In this photo, we are seated on the grass in front of the stupa on a separate occasion… and then giving the prayer wheels a turn.


Crystal Castle is quite child friendly also.


We also love the gorgeous display of flowers, large crystals and statues, and the stunning view of surrounding mountains. Standing on the grassy patch outside the cafe, you can see houses if you look hard enough.


This place is paradise on earth and begs a visit. Before we leave, we usually pop by their cafe for at least some cake and tea, and then their shops to browse crystals and spiritual books, of which they have a nice variety.


It is just a short drive from Mullumbimby and Byron Bay, so make sure to pop by if you’re in the northern rivers area, it’s certainly worth it!