Where to buy herb and vegetable seeds in Singapore

If you are looking to buy good, viable herb and vegetable seeds in Singapore for planting in soil or hydroponic media, the good news is, there are many options available here. Some sellers import from overseas, while others have acclimatised seeds from overseas, and of course there are the varieties of edible plants that are already grown locally.

What does open pollinated, F1 hybrid, organic, and/or heirloom seeds mean?

When shopping for seeds, you will notice descriptions such as open pollinated or F1 Hybrid, organic, heirloom. What does it mean, and which seeds are better?

Open pollinated means that the plant can be pollinated by insects, wind and by hand to produce seeds, while F1 hybrids are the opposite. They are a cross bred variety, and are when it comes to saving seeds, they may not be genetically stable, although it is said that F1 seeds can eventually become open pollinated once it is stabilised.

An organic certification conveys that the seeds are not genetically modified (GM), and a mention of heirloom means that the seed variety has been around for at least 50 years. I would say shop based on your preference, but for certain varieties I would opt for organic or heirloom, such as corn and soy, which are commonly GM crops.

If you are completely new to gardening and would like a walkthrough guide on how to grow your own vegetables, I have compiled one here.

Where to buy Herb and Vegetable Seeds in Singapore

herb and vegetable seeds in Singapore

Here is a list of vegetable seed suppliers in Singapore where you can buy herb and vegetable seeds online.

Ban Lee Huat Seeds

Well known among experienced growers, buy it from their office at 3 Ang Mo Kio St 62 #01-52 Link @ AMK Singapore 569139 or World Farm at 15 Bah Soon Pah Road. Or place your order by emailing them at Each packet of seeds costs $3.50.

Baba Seeds

Based in Malaysia, Baba is a household name for a variety of gardening products, especially plant pots. Each seed packet costs $2.50, purchase from World Farm or Love in a Bottle at Millennia Walk, or order online from Steve & Leif.

Horti seeds (Image Source)


A well-established local gardening brand, Horti offers a good range of horticulture products including fertilisers. Prices start from $2.80 a packet. Shop online or buy them from NTUC Fairprice.


Known-You is a popular seed brand from Taiwan. Each packet retails at $2.50, get them from Eco City Hydroponics.


GoPasar is an online marketplace which aggregates sellers of plants and horticulture products on their website. Prices start at $3.50, shop the range here.


Greenspade offers a variety of seeds for the home grower, and while you are on the online store, you have the option to pick up a bag of their seed starter mix or other quality soil mixes. Prices start from $3 a packet, buy their Fatty Seeds here.

Guerilla Seeds

Guerilla Seeds carries renown Italian seed brand, Franchi. Each packet retails at $9.90 and weigh 8g a packet, which is a much higher quantity than other brands. Shop online or buy in-store at Far East Flora.

Butterfly Pea seeds packaged by Project Youngstar (image source)

Project YoungStar

Project YoungStar is a community project which provides meaningful employment to teens and adults on the autism spectrum. Message them on their Facebook page to enquire about the types of seeds available.

Steve & Leif

Online home and garden store Steve & Leif has its own brand of seeds. Shop the collection here. While you are on their site you can pick up a host of other useful garden tools and accessories.

Sierra Flora

Sierra Flora is an online store that stocks garden wares, including a small collection of non-GMO, organic herb and vegetables seeds. Shop their seeds here.

The Seeds Master

The Seeds Master is a recognised seed supplier in Singapore. They stock a wide variety of organic and heirloom seeds and prices start at $5.61 per packet (be sure to select the SGD currency option), shop the collection here.

The Living Centre

The Living Centre stocks seeds of local favourites and some popular exotic plants like the Ice Plant. Prices start at $4. Buy their seeds here.

Urban Harvest

Urban Harvest offers a pretty good variety of seeds, and including seeds like nasturtium. Prices start at $2.90 for a 5g packet. Buy it here.


There are many homegrowers in Singapore who offer their seeds for sale on the Carousell app. Always go with a reputable seller who has good reviews. Weird and Wonderful Edibles, Steadfast Seeds and Harvest Bloopers are a few that I would recommend.

Buying herbs and vegetable seeds from overseas

If you are looking for seed varieties which you can’t find here, or just looking for something interesting or different to grow, you can consider ordering from seed suppliers who ship internationally. I have compiled a list of them here.

Where to buy Microgreen Seeds in Singapore?

For those who enjoy sprouting microgreens at home, you can get your seeds here.

Everything Green

Everything Green stocks a wide range of microgreen seeds, and prices start from $5 per pack. Get it here.

Urban Harvest

Urban Harvest also stocks microgreen seeds. Prices start at $2.90, shop the range here.

Root Farm

Root Farm retails their microgreens seeds at $3.50 a packet, buy it here.

Super Farmers

Suitable for beginners, a pack of three growing kits retail at $45 (currently on sale at $39). By purchasing these kits, you are helping to support the senior, underprivileged women who put them together. Get yours here.

Know of other places where you can buy herbs and vegetable seeds in Singapore? Comment below to share!

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Images by me unless indicated otherwise. Featured photo by Kaboompics .com.

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  • Angela December 26, 2021 at 4:37 pm

    Hello, do you know where I can buy vegetable and fruit seedlings in Singapore?
    Thank you!

    • Olivia January 4, 2022 at 4:26 am

      Hi Angela, Farm85 sells seedlings –, it is also available on Noah Garden Centre. Once in a while Natsuki’s Garden, and WWedibles sell seedlings, check out their accounts on Instagram. Carousell is a good place to check out too. Let me know what kind of veg and fruit seedlings you are after? Feel free to DM me on Instagram. I will write a blog post on this once I have more recommendations. All the best!

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