A must-visit edible garden in Singapore

Unveiled just a year ago, the Edible Demonstration Garden at Jurong Lake Gardens presents a unique spectacle of edible landscaping. Here, you can find an interesting variety of crops, grown using sustainable, pest management methods. Beyond a mere garden, it serves as an interactive learning space for those keen on edible gardening in Singapore.

The garden’s design incorporates various growing structures, such as planter boxes and trellises, which serve multiple purposes. These structures are raised to ensure that the root zone of the plants remains above the high water table, preventing waterlogging and promoting healthy growth.

Edible Demonstration Garden Singapore

In addition, its knee-height dimensions ensures wheelchair users can navigate the garden with ease. This thoughtful design creates an environment accessible to people of all abilities to move around comfortably and enjoy the space.

One of the striking features of the Edible Demonstration Garden is the presence of steel mesh tunnel trellises, specifically designed to support climbing plants. These trellises not only provide structural support for the plants but also create a visually appealing element within the garden. By utilising vertical space effectively, the garden maximises its growing potential.

Edible Garden Singapore Jurong

The garden takes a natural approach to pest management, pairing plants with their pest-repelling counterparts. This minimises the use of chemical pesticides and, when necessary, it opts for low-toxicity alternatives to uphold its eco-friendly principles.

To protect the crops from birds, insects, and other potential threats, netted structures are installed throughout the Edible Demonstration Garden. These structures act as physical barriers, allowing plants to thrive while safeguarding them from external factors that may cause damage or hinder their growth. By implementing these protective measures, the garden maintains a conducive environment for the cultivation of various crops.

This edible garden also doubles as a testing ground for a variety of crops. It continually evolves, introducing visitors to a range of fascinating edible plants and possibilities.

The Edible Demonstration Garden at Jurong Lake Gardens is not just a space but an experience. It offers an insight into urban agriculture in Singapore, making it an inspiring destination for all edible growers.

To visit, head to the Gardenhouse, walk through it and then around the left side of the building. It is located beside the allotment garden. This is an edible garden certainly worth visiting in Singapore.

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