Edible flowers you can grow in Singapore

Have you ever considered growing edible flowers at home? Incorporating homegrown edible flowers as part of your garden not only adds beauty but can also enhance the flavours of your culinary creations. In this post, find out which edible flowers you can grow in Singapore.

Edible flowers have diverse culinary applications and these days it is not uncommon to find them used as garnish on or around food in cafes and restaurants. Add them to salads, desserts or beverages for an attractive and flavourful touch. A word of caution, do choose edible flower varieties that are safe for consumption and if you are planning to grow them at home, avoid spraying chemicals so there is no risk of contamination.

edible flowers singapore
Edible flowers that adorned my wedding cake

Here are just some edible flowering plants that thrive in our climate:

1. Egyptian starcluster (Pentas)

2. Marigolds (Tagetes species)

3. Wishbone flower (Torenia fournieri)

4. Tonkin Jasmine (Telosma cordata)

5. Blue Porter Weed (Stachytarpheta jamaicensis)

6. Dianthus (Dianthus species)

7. Cosmos (specifically Cosmos sulphureus)

8. Rose balsam (Impatiens balsamina)

9. Ulam raja (Cosmos caudatus Kunth)

10. Tuberous Begonia (Begonia x tuberhybrida) and wax Begonias (B. x semperflorens-cultorum)

11. Purslane (Portulaca oleracea)

12. Coral vine (Antigonon leptopus)

13. Pineapple sage (Salvia elegans)

14. Society garlic (Tulbaghia violacea)

15. Zinnias (Zinnia elegans)

16. Moringa (Moringa oleifera)

17. Sandpaper vine (Petrea volubilis)

18. Roses (Rosa rubiginosa)

19. Butterfly Pea (Clitoria ternatea)

20. Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa)

21. Hibiscus (Hibiscus tiliaceus, Hibiscus sinosyriacus)

22. Orchids (Dendrobium species)

23. Zucchini (Cucurbita pepo)

24. Cucumber (Cucumis sativus)

I hope you found this post about edible flowers you can grow in Singapore useful! May you feel inspired to grow some of these at home! You can find many of these at garden nurseries, on Carousell, community gardens or among gardeners.

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Main Photo by solod_sha

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