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For my birthday last month, I was pleasantly surprised with a delivery of one of SuperNature‘s Farm Boxes, kindly sent by Blackberry Singapore. I hear from them time to time, and occasionally they give me phones to test out. While I don’t celebrate my birthday anymore, I found this to be so thoughtful. Sometime back, I remarked on this blog that I had not yet tried SuperNature’s produce, finally this day has come.

Here’s what was included in the Farm Box. I think this was the Baby Farm Box.


It contained my favourite fruits and vegetables, ones that I grow in Australia or buy regularly, and they all looked very fresh. The first vegetables I tucked into were the leeks, carrots and spinach. They tasted so good, and the leeks in particular, were the best that I have ever had. The mangoes were lovely, and the apples weren’t too bad.

I gave the pumpkin, zucchinis and sweet potatoes to my parents. I got to try the sweet potatoes in my mom’s mystic purple porridge though, and it was very nice. The rainbow chard, broccoli and cauliflower were tasty. The potatoes are comparable to the ones available regionally.

What I love about this Farm Box is the quality and selection of fruits and vegetables. This is a box for two, and it took me two weeks or so to finish it. Price-wise, it costs $70, and while it seems pricey, expect to pay thereabouts when buying organic produce from the US and Australia. Of course, buying produce from those locations also mean a higher carbon footprint.

I usually advocate buying locally, if not, regionally. However, if you would like to give this a try, please do, and let me know what you think! Do you have a favourite farm that you buy from?

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