Where to buy garden soil in Singapore?

If you are looking for places where you can buy garden soil in Singapore, the good news is that soil products are readily available islandwide. In this post I will share where you can buy different types of soil for your different gardening needs.

When buying soil, it’s important to know what kind of soil you are looking for in the first place. What plant is it meant for? For ornamental plants, there are potting mixes available for succulents, begonias, and aroids. For herbs and vegetables, you can buy soil for seed raising, green leafy vegetables or a general potting mix. If you are growing trees outdoors, there is garden soil for that purpose. For the more adventurous gardeners, you can mix your own soil too.

To find out where to buy garden soil in Singapore, read on to discover the various brands you can buy online and in-store.

where to buy garden soil in Singapore
Photo by Sasha Kim

Which soil to buy?

For container gardens, opt for potting mix, and for planting in-ground, use garden soil. Depending on what you are growing, you can use clay soil, top soil or volcanic soil. What is also important to note is drainage, because poor drainage can result in plant diseases and poor plant health in general. In many instances, you’ll need to add soil amendments like pumice, LECA or perlite in order to achieve good drainage for your plants. I would caution against using burnt earth as drainage because over time, it will degrade and cause your soil to be heavy in clay and will not drain well.

Also you need to consider what plants you are growing before you rush out to buy soil. Soil that is suited for cacti and succulents will not suit sweet potatoes, tomatoes or chilli. Make sure you buy soil that is appropriate for the plants you have on hand or are planning to grow. Yes, plant-specific soil is available, whether it is for aroids, african violets, vegetables, cacti or succulents, however for several others, you will have to mix your own. This can be pretty tricky, but you can get some advice from others in the gardening community, NParks YouTube videos, or trial and error.

If you are starting plants from seed, you can consider buying seed raising mix or mixing it yourself. Personally I mix it myself using sifted compost, vermicast, coco peat and sand to give my seedlings a strong start. Some people use compost mixed with perlite, which is fine also, but make sure the compost is sifted and does not contain chunks that could get in the way of growth.

Where to buy garden soil in Singapore

Here are some places you can consider getting soil for ornamental plants and edible plants from.

Soil for foliage, flowering and other ornamental plants

where to buy soil for plants singapore
Image by Sasha Kim

1. Arbour – Formerly known as Rake Spade, Arbour retails ornamental plants, gardening essentials and offers a unique plant shopping experience. Customers can mix their own soil or buy soil-less potting mix from The Nature Company and Terrascapes. Here, you will find soil mixes for begonia, cacti and succulents, aroids and also edible plants. They are located at 15 Joan Road.

2. The Rewilding Company – This online gardening supplies store has a popular range of potting mixes for houseplants and it also retails orchid bark, pumice and perlite of varied sizes. Find it online at Lazada.

3. Plants Ate My Money – An online gardening supplies shop, this company retails a variety of soil-free potting mixes for foliage, flowering, succulents  and edible plants, as well as orchid bark of different grades and perlite in varying sizes. Shop the collection here.

4. Terrascapes – In recent years, Terrascapes released a small range of potting mixes for foliage plants, cacti and succulents and begonias. Buy it online at Shopee here or shop the range at Arbour.

5. Soil Social – While they started off selling compost, the company has since expanded its offerings to include gardening kits and their very own Soil Mix for houseplants and herbs. Find out more on their online store here.  

6. Littlebotany – This plant and gardening supplies shop sells their own potting mix known as its base mix. Buy it online here or visit his stores, Littlebotany East at Sing See Soon on 5 Simei Lane, and Littlebotany West at 90 Jalan Lekar.

7. Tumbleweed – An online plant and gardening supplies store specialising in ornamental plants, Tumbleweed created its own in-house brand, Down to Earth. The range includes their Organic Potting Mix 01 and Organic Cacti & Succulent Potting Mix 02. View their products here.

9. Potta Plantta – Boutique plant store Potta Plantta retails a Well Draining Soil Mix for houseplants, including succulents. Find it in-store at 55 Lor L Telok Kurau, #1-57, or on their online shop.

10. Greenspade – This gardening supplies store offers a range of soil products. They stock soil suitable for seed starting, general potting soil and also soil specific to vegetables, cacti and succulents, as well as akadama for bonsai. Visit their online store here.

11. The Nature Company – This horticulture business offers a range of potting media and liquid fertilisers for all types of plants. They are well known for their compost, which is a popular product among edible growers. Shop their NaturalGRO products here.

12. Far East Flora – They stock a range of different potting mix brands including Welgro, Peats, Vigorplant, Van Egmond and FertiPlus. Shop the collection here.

13. Baba – A household name, Malaysian brand Baba has a range of soil products, including soil for adenium, cacti and succulents, and all-purpose potting mix. Available at many nurseries such as World Farm, Ban Nee Chen and even supermarkets like NTUC, or buy online from Lazada or Shopee.

14. Garden Formula – This all-purpose potting soil is one that most local gardeners know. It is available almost everywhere, including NTUC. Get it from most garden nurseries, and on Lazada.

Soil for edible plants

where to buy garden soil singapore
Image by Greta Hoffman

1. Plants Ate My Money – They retail two versions of their Garden Mix for edible growers – Base and Pro. Base can be used for seed starting and are for those who wish to mix in their own fertilisers, while Pro already contains fertiliser. Get their products here.

2. Soil Social – Other than their amazing aerobically-made compost, you can buy a soil mix for herbs from them. Find it on their website.  

3. Greenspade – Here you will find their highly popular potting mix, but also their Seed Starter Mix, which I have tried and highly recommend. View their products at their online store.  

4. Far East Flora – Take your pick from potting mix brands such as Welgro, Peats, Vigorplant, Van Egmond and FertiPlus. Explore their range here.

5. Farm 85 – Formerly a farm, they still sell seedlings but also they mix their own potting soil for sale. Order yours at their website.

6. Ogreenliving – Homegrown brand Ogreenliving have a few soil products available for different purposes. These include OGL Organic Potting Soil for general potting of plants, OGL Veggie Gold for vegetables and OGL Humi Soil, a top soil enhancer. Buy it here.

7. Baba – For vegetable growers, Baba has Vegimix as well as Yasa-i vegetable soil. Find it at nurseries such as World Farm, Ban Nee Chen or get it online from Lazada or Shopee.

8. The Nature Company – Among their NaturalGRO range, their Super Soil for Vegetables and Ornamental Plants, and Garden Soil Mix are most suitable for edible growers. Shop their products here.

9. The Medium Soil Co – This brand sells soil amendments, fertilisers and Vegiemix for growing edible plants. Get it from World Farm here.

10. Garden Formula – This all-purpose potting soil is can be found in most garden nurseries as well as NTUC and Lazada.

Where to buy soil in bulk in Singapore

where to buy soil in bulk Singapore
Image by Greta Hoffman

If you need soil in bulk to fill garden beds or for landscaping purposes, you can contact the following companies:

1. Kiat Lee – They offer two grades of soil mix, for more information and contact details, please visit their website.

2. World Farm – To find out more, please email them at

3. Farm 85 – For enquiries, please get in touch with them at

4. Prince’s Landscape – There is a minimum order amount of 50m3, that is equivalent to 50 jumbo bags. Find out more at their website.

5. It Meng Landscape – Visit their online store to purchase individual jumbo bags. Each bag is cheaper when you purchase in greater quantities.

I hope you found this list on where to buy garden soil in Singapore useful! I only recommend products I would use myself and have used some of the brands mentioned above. All opinions expressed here are my own. This post contains affiliate links that come at no additional cost to you, and I may earn a small commission when you make a purchase.

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